C650 Overview

C650 Overview

Here’s the C650 Overview, we use these A4 LED printers for our Trade Colour systems because it makes number plates of various sizes and shapes. This page highlights the important parts and locations on the OKI printer. Refer to this page when troubleshooting or to find out what a part is called.

Printer Front

OKI C650 Front View

The C650 printers Front & Top areas

  • A: Front Cover
  • B: Operator / Control Panel
  • C: Output Tray
  • D: Fuser Unit
  • E: Power Switch
  • F: Front Cover Lever
  • G: Multi-purpose Tray
  • H: Paper Tray 1
  • I: Waste Toner Holder
C650 Multipurpose Tray Open

Multipurpose Tray on C650

  • A: Paper Tray / Supporter
  • B: Sliding Media Guides
  • C: Placement Cover for Media

Printer Rear

C650 Rear View

Rear View of the C650

  • A: Rear Output & Tray
  • B: Mains Power Port
  • C: USB Port
  • D: USB Memory Add-in Port
  • E: Ethernet Port

Operator Panel

OKI C650 Operator Panel

The C650 Operator Panel

  • A: Printer Display
  • B: Help Button
  • C: Menu Controls
  • D: Online / Offline Button
  • E: Keypad
  • F: Power Button
  • G: Back Button
  • H: Attention Light
  • I: Cancel Button
  • J: Power Save Button
  • K: NFC Tag – Near Field Communication for Enabled Devices

Printer Interior

C650 Internal View

Inside View of the C650

  • A: Toner Cartridges
  • B: L2 Lever – Lifts Output Tray
  • C: L1 Lever –  Reveals Drum Basket
  • D: LED Print Heads
  • E: Drum Units
  • F: Belt Unit
  • G: Front Cover

Need Help?

This is a basic overview of the OKI C650 Number Plate Printer. Please refer to your user or manufacturers guide for more up-to-date information. If you’ve an account, you can order replacement C650 consumables from our online NP-Shop.

Our knowledge base contains articles with details on replacing this printers toners, drums and clearing simple media jams. Not to mention how to use our plate media and approved printer settings. And has solutions to common number plate print issues and printer errors.