Replace a C650 Drum

Replace a Image Drum

This knowledge base article shows you how to Replace a C650 Drum, but ensure your replacement is genuine for compliancy reasons. Instructions that follow assume you are directly facing the front of the machine.

Your OKI C650 printer will let you know when it is time to replace a image drum. First you’ll see warning messages on the display screen found on the operator panel, warning a particular drum is getting low. This is when you need to order a replacement if you don’t have any. The message will change and prompt you to replace it once the drum is empty, it may even stop printing.

Open Front Cover

Open Your C650 Front Cover

Open Your C650 Front Cover

Before you can install a new image drum, you’ll have to locate and remove the empty one. So start by opening up the front of your printer. Pull the blue front cover lever, indicated on the image above, to open up your printers interior.

Lift Up the Output Tray

Lift Up the C650 Output Tray

Now Lift Up the C650 Output Tray

To access the drum basket, you now have to lift up the output tray including the toners. Begin by pulling the L1 Lever (A) towards you, until the red triangles align. Now pull and lift up the L2 Lever (B). The output tray is now raised up and you can access the drum basket below it.

Open Drum Basket

Open C650 Drum Basket

Pull out the Drum Basket

To make things easier to see, you need to open up the drum basket fully. Using the L3 handle, pull out the drum basket straight towards you. Just enough so you can see each image drum clearly.

Locate & Remove Empty Drum

Remove Empty C650 Drum

Locate & Remove The Empty Drum

Identify the empty image drum by its coloured label (K,C,M,Y). To remove a drum, simply take hold of its top edges and gently pull it towards you. Unlike previous models, the OKI C650 doesn’t use locking lever for it consumables. So pull the used drum out the machine and place it aside for later.

Install New Image Drum

Replace a C650 Drum

Push Your New Drum into Place

Take your replacement image drum from its box and remove all its packaging. Because drums can easily get damaged, handle with care. And be careful you don’t expose it to strong light or leave it uncovered for more than 5 minutes. Install it by simply lining it up with its label on the right hand side, and push it down into the empty housing until it clicks.

Close Up Your Printer

Close Up Your C650 Printer

Push the Tray In & Close up the Printer

After your drum is installed, you need to close up your printer so it can finish setting it up. Start by pushing the drum basket back into place using the L3 Lever. Next pull down the output tray until that clicks into place. Now push the L1 Lever back, so it locks into place too. Finish by pushing shut the printers front cover, and press OK on the operator panel if prompted.

Recycle Please

Recycle your used consumables

Please Recycle your used consumables

Please remember to recycle your empty drum units like your other used consumables.

Need Help or Replacement C650 Image Drums?

You can buy genuine C650 Image Drums from the our NP-Shop. They are guaranteed to fit your OKI C650 printer and are approved for making Tennants number plates. A trade and shop account is required however for online purchases.

For more detailed instructions, try your printers onscreen help. Or take a look or your number plate systems user guide.