Replace Your C650 Waste Toner

Replace Your C650 Waste Toner Box

This knowledge base article shows you how to Replace Your C650 Waste Toner Box, which you receive with each new black toner cartridge. Instructions that follow assume you are directly facing the front of the machine.

Your OKI C650 printer will let you know when your waste toner box is getting full. First you’ll see warning messages on the display screen found on the operator panel, warning your waste toner is almost full. This is when you need to order a replacement black toner pack if you don’t have any. Or alternately, change the waste toner box each time you replace your black toner cartridge.

Open the Waste Toner Holder

Open C650 Waste Toner Holder

Locate the Waste Toner Holder

Before you can install a new waste toner box, you’ll have to remove the used one. So start by opening up its holder, located on the front of your printer. Simply pull the cover down, as indicated on the image above to open it up. Now you can hinge it down fully to reveal the current waste toner box.

Remove Used Waste Toner Box

Remove Used C650 Waste Toner Box

Pull out the used Waste Toner Box

To remove a used box, simply use a finger or two and gently pull it straight towards you. Unlike previous models, the OKI C650 doesn’t use a locking lever for its consumables. So pull the used waste toner out the machine and place it aside for disposal.

Install New Waste Toner Box

Replace Your C650 Waste Toner Box

Slide in your new Waste Toner Box

Insert your replacement box by aligning it with the empty gap in the holder. Then push it straight in and back gently until it clicks into place and locks. Finally, close the holders cover by simply pushing it up until it clicks into place. Press OK on the operator panel if prompted.

Recycle Please

Recycle empty toner cartridges

Please recycle your empty cartridges

Please remember to recycle your empty waste toner boxes and toner cartridges.

Need Help or OKI C650 Waste Toner?

You can buy genuine C650 Consumables from the our NP-Shop. New waste toner boxes are packaged along with the Black Toner. They are guaranteed to fit your OKI C650 printer and are approved for making number plates. A trade and shop account is required however for online purchases.

For more detailed instructions, try your printers onscreen help. Or take a look or your number plate systems user guide.