True 3D Number Plate Guide

This article provides a True 3D Number Plate Guide for our trade customers. And it shows how you can add a new dimension to your number plates with our stick-on digits. Creating stylish number plates that appeal to more fashion conscious car owners.

So if you want to expand your production to include True 3D or 4D Number Plates, we have you covered. And you’ll save money compared to the competition.

Make Printed Number Plate as Normal

Our Standard number plates

To start, simply make your number plate as normal. Ensure you remove any protective covers from the acrylic face and wipe the plate clean. Because we have sourced digits with adhesive that permanently bonds to all our plate constructions. You can use our Number Plate Digits with our Film, Reflective and 3-Part Plate components.

Stick Digits on Number Plate

In brief, you make a True 3D Plate by sticking our digits one by one onto an existing number plate. Like our printed number plates, these digits have to be used with our combined solutions to be road legal. And we can only guarantee their compliance when assembled correctly. You must print the registration number like normal for a True 3D Number Plate to be legal!

Begin by placing your number plate flat on a clean and well lit work surface. Note: The digit adhesive is permanent and once placed can’t be removed.
Remove carrier film from 3D Digit
Start by removing the carrier film from the rear of the first digit to be fitted. This is the side coated with the specialist adhesive and is completely flat without bevelled edges.

Align Digit with Printed Registration

Our True 3D Number Plate Guide shows how to fit digits
We recommend using a printed registration as a layout guide, it removes the need for a stencil or mount. Position the first digit carefully above a character. Not only does the pre-printed registration provide an assembly guide, but it also ensures legal spacing.

Apply Digit Firmly to the Acrylic Face

Apply 3D Digit to the number plate
Next, press the black digit down firmly into place. Hold it onto the surface for a few seconds to bond permanently. Now simply repeat these application steps for each digit of the registration mark.

Remove Protective Film off Digits

Remove protective film off fixed digits
Next remove the protective carrier film from the face of each the plastic digits. The film stops the digits getting dirty or scratched before application.

Allow Glue Time to Cure

A pair of finished True 3D Number Plates
Remember to wait a few minutes after fitting for the glue to fully cure before handling or fitting to a vehicle. Note: Digit adhesive is pressure sensitive, so to ensure British Standard compliance apply firmly or use an adjustable roller jig.

Ordering True 3D Digits

We hope this True 3D Number Plate Guide was helpful. If you want to order our digits or need further help using them, try our NP Shop. Or get in touch with our customer service team.