Proof of Entitlement

The Plates Builder & the RNPS Log combine to keep DVLA compliant records of the number plates you make. This article provides a simple guide to the records found under the Proof of Entitlement tab.

RNPS Log – Proof of Entitlement

One of the most important records you need to keep is the customers Proof of Entitlement. Here specific documents are used to prove a right to display the registration number. And as the supplier, you have to see and record them before making their number plate.RNPS - Proof of Entitlement
The second tab is used to enter your Proof of Entitlement information. Below you will find details on this section, so you know how to complete it. And don’t forget, you can save the record at any time using the records menu.

Select Document Shown

RNPS - Select Document Shown
In brief, here you identify the type of document presented by the customer and enter its serial number as proof. On the left hand side are the types of documents legally acceptable as proof. Only one off this list can be used as proof to the registration number.

Acceptable Documents:

  • Vehicle registration certificate – V5C or V5CNI
  • Keeper supplement of the registration certificate – V5C/2 or V5C/2NI
  • Certificate of entitlement – V750
  • Retention document – V778
  • Vehicle licence renewal form – V11
  • Temporary registration certificate – V379
  • Authorization certificate with an official stamp – V948

RNPS - Identify Proof Shown
So to continue building your RNPS record, select the document type used from the list. And then, click the Top Arrow to move it into the yellow box. As long as the document is in the yellow box, it’s included in the record.

In case of a mistake, simply select the wrong item, and press the Bottom Arrow to remove it from the yellow box. Don’t forget to replace it with the correct item.

Enter Serial Number

RNPS - Enter Serial Number
To finish this section, you also need to enter a serial or reference number off the document. In essence, this shows you’re carrying out your due diligence as a supplier. And shows your customer has the right to the registration. So take the number from the document and enter it into the Document Serial Number field.

The number you take will depend on the type of document used. Below is a sample V5C with the reference number area highlighted. All the accepted documents will have a similar serial number.

Sample V5c with reference number