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Number Plates

Tennants Number Plates - Our Solutions and Services

Number Plate Solutions for Dealerships, Motor Factors & the Aftermarket

We provide efficient Number Plate Solutions across the entire automotive industry. From on-site Printing Systems, which include standards-compliant Plates Software, components & record keeping logs. To our on-demand Made-up Plates service, with online ordering and next-day despatch.

So, no matter how many dealerships, garages, or part stores you operate, we’ll help simplify your supply chain. Our systems are perfect for any busy pre-sales team or parts workshop. Additional services include technical support agreements, restocking options, and online oversight of your plate production. To uncover how our services can benefit you, click the links below. Or read on and learn more about their features and benefits.

Dealerships & Service Centres

Streamlined Production with Managerial Oversight.

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Motor Factors & Part-Stores

Agile & Standards Compliant On-Site Printing Solutions.

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Compliant & Reliable Number Plate Production and Component Supply

Designed to deliver every time.

At Tennants, we are experts at creating innovative answers, ideal for supplying number plates. From printing systems and supply solutions to providing technical support and Knowledge-Base self-help guides. We’re specialists at providing top-notch, compliant services and components that offer measurable cost savings. Perfect whether you control multiple locations from a central hub, run independent branches, or operate online and outsource your plate production.

Tested & Certified

We always follow the best practices and industry standards regarding our number plates. In fact, we operate with the single aim of providing solutions that meet the current standard BSAU 145e. Along with encouraging customers to ensure they remain in compliance with DVLA Regulations at all times.

We achieve this by developing our own software, printers, components, and websites. And we collaborate with leading manufacturers and suppliers, creating integrated solutions that work seamlessly together. Only then do we submit samples for official third-party accreditation and certification. Alongside our testing regime, we are members of the BNMA and contribute to technical advisory groups.

Here are our 2024 BSAU 145e Number Plates & 3D-Plates Certificates (True 3G & 3D GEL).

BSAU 145e Film PlatesBSAU 145e Acrylic PlatesBSAU 145e 3D-Plates

Dealerships & Service Centres

Simple, Fast & Lean

Numerous dealerships & service centres rely on our solutions. Being customer-centric, your team requires quick, trusted & reliable systems and their number plate supply needs to be just as effective. Our Core Series is designed for your needs, delivering efficiency & cost-savings. The on-site systems include everything needed to produce standard number plates. Additional services include managerial oversight, backup production cover, and waste number plate recycling.


Simple, reliable & compact printing systems. Includes compliant software & components.


Use components pre-printed with your logo. Or advertise on lips & show your company details.


Our plate production service acts as your backup. With online ordering and next-day dispatch.


Receive a bin for your discarded number plates. Contents are collected periodically & sent for recycling.

*SLA & Min Volumes Apply

View our Core Systems

Core Sheet

Proposed System Includes: Plates software, 4in thermal printer, film & Enviroplate components, roller-jig, installation, training & technical-support.

Options: Recycling service, made-up-plates ordering & full production oversight via LG Central.

Motor Factors & Part-Stores

Agile & Market-Driven

As a motor factor or parts store, you need quick and responsive services to take advantage of every sales opportunity. Our Trade Series provides the capability to make every type of number plate on demand. Each system includes built-in standards compliance and secure record-keeping. In addition, we provide upsell opportunities like small & HEX plates, legal-badges, and the option to add 3D or Gel Digits.


Agile printing system & software suite. Makes every plate size or shape, on-demand.


Software enforces compliance with BSAU145e. And built-in records adhere to DVLA regulations.


Brand your plates with your company name or logo. Offer upsells like 3D Digits, flags & small-plates.


Send your production records to our online portal. And view activity reports for each user or branch.

*Requires LG Central

View our Trade Systems

Trade Mono

Proposed System Includes: Plates software, A4 mono printer, blank & pre-printed components, roller-jig, installation, training & technical-support.

Options: 3D & GEL digits, showroom plate design software & online production oversight via LG Central.

A Modern Number Plates Supply with Compliance & Flexibility Built-In

Want a number plates solution & supply that suits your sector and is standards compliant? Not to mention being cost-effective and offer accountability & oversight. If so, get in touch and find out how we can help you achieve this and still save.




For more information on our solutions, check out our number plate pages. Otherwise call us on 01159738084 or email Alternately fill in our quick Contact-Form with your name & enquiry details.