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Which Solution is Right For You?

For over 50 years we have provided the motor industry with ways to make or supply Number Plates. Use the boxes below and take a look at our number plate printing equipment and components. Or if you’re a low volume supplier, you should consider getting finished plates made up for you.

Number Plate Printing

Number Plate Printing Solutions

Made Up Plates

Our Made Up Plates service provides ready made number plates

Innovative and Reliable Number Plate Services

Designed to deliver every time.

We’re experts in delivering solutions and services that are perfect for supplying number plates. Tried and tested, they offer a simple choice between printing them yourself or having them made for you.

Our Printing Solutions offer you an easy answer to self production. And you can tailor them to fit your business needs and budget. In brief, they come with specialist equipment and software to help you meet regulations. While we support you with online ordering and technical assistance.

For an easier way to supply number plates, you should take a look at our Made Up Plates. To sum up the service, you simply place an order online for whatever type of plate you want. Then we make the plate for you and deliver it to the address of your choice. Thus saving you on equipment and running costs.

Number Plate Printing

We package our range of number plate printing systems as tiered business solutions. This way we cover single site production, all the way up to centrally controlled hubs serving multiple branches.

Each one is aimed at a particular sector and is designed to provide everything they need. With their modern equipment and support services, our clients benefit from low operating costs and greater profit.

Made Up Plates

The Made up plates service enables you to supply ready made number plates on demand. Despite you not owning costly equipment or even having to make them up.

Once you’ve subscribed, you can order number plates anytime you need, using our online portal – LG Central. Simply pick the plate size, enter a reg number and choose a delivery address.

Number Plate Components

Designed for our own printing solutions, our Plate Components come in every size you’ll ever need. Produced In-House, they are guaranteed to reliably meet British Standards. Yet are competitively priced with short but flexible lead times.

You match and join our plate components together to produce either Standard or Hybrid number plates. Standard 2-Part Plates stick a printed reflective panel to a clear acrylic face. Whereas Hybrid 3-Part Plates sandwich printed clear film between an acrylic face and reflective backing.

British Standard Number Plates

We follow best practices and industry standards to deliver our solutions. In fact we operate with one single aim, the production of Road Legal Number Plates compliant with British Standards.

Not only do we carry out expert in-house testing for self-certification of plates & fixings. But we also submit samples for official third party certification. All this while working towards meeting all future standards.

Number plates certified to British Standards

All our goods and services comply with industry standards and regulations. To summarise, we pursue and hold certification from all relevant schemes. But if you want, by all means read more about this on our company Standards & Accreditations page.

Modern Number Plate Solutions & Supply

Do you want a number plates solution that suits your business and is fit for purpose? Then get in touch now – and find out how we can help you to achieve both.




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