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For over 50 years we have provided the motor industry with ways to make and supply Number Plates. Use the boxes below and take a look at printing them yourself or getting them made-up for you.

Number Plate Printing

Number Plate Printing Solutions

Made Up Plates

Our Made Up Plates service provides ready made number plates

Innovative and Reliable Number Plate Services

Designed to deliver every time.

We’ve used all our experience to deliver solutions and services that are perfect for producing number plates. Tried and tested, they offer a simple choice between printing them yourself or subscribing and having them made up for you on demand.

Our Printing Solutions offers you easy answers to self production. And you can tailor them to fit your business needs and budget. The specialist equipment comes with software which helps guarantee compliance. While we provide you with easy online ordering and technical assistance.

If you want a simpler way to supply number plates of any size, style or specification to your customers? Then, you should take a look at our Made Up Plates service. Subscribe and you’ll be able to order online and send them to the address of your choice.

Number Plate Printing

Our range of number plate printing systems are packaged as full business solutions. They cover simple on-site production, all the way up to centrally controlled hubs serving multiple branches.

Each solution is aimed at a particular sector and is designed to provide everything they may need. Our modern equipment and services result in lower operating costs and deliver you greater profits.

Made Up Plates

The Made up plates service provides you with ready made number plates on demand. All without you having to make them up or purchase costly equipment.

Subscribe and you’ll order plates anytime you need, using our online portal – LG Central. Pick from any legal number plate size or shape and assign your branding or logo to be used on the bottom of each and every one.

Number Plate Components

Designed for use by our printing systems, our Plate Components come in every size and shape you need. Produced In-House, they are guaranteed to conform to British Standards when assembled.

You can match and combine them together to produce two types of plate, Hybrid or Standard. Standard Plates require a printed reflective to be stuck to a clear acrylic face. Hybrid Plates sandwich printed clear film between an acrylic face and a sticky (wet) reflective backing.

British Standard Number Plates

We follow best practices and industry standards to deliver our top quality products and services. In fact we operate with one single aim in mind, the production of Road Legal Number Plates compliant with British Standards.

That is why we carry out in-house testing for self-certification and why we submit samples for third party certification.

Tennants Certificate of Conformity
British Standards certified number plates and plate components

All our goods and services comply with industry standards and regulations. To achieve this, we pursue and hold certification from all relevant schemes and organisations. If you want, you can read more on our company Standards & Accreditations.

Don't Take Our Word For It

I have been a customer of Tennants UK for many years and always found the staff and service to be of a very high standard and the products to be competitively priced and of a high quality.


The quality of the print is excellent with the OKI printers, and the software is very easy to use. We get regular updates on our software and the backup is amazing.


We have worked with Tennants for some time now and we have never felt there is any need to look elsewhere, they always have the stock, their prices are great, delivery is next day and the service and care is faultless.

The Plate Company

We always receive fantastic service from Tennants UK. Our orders are despatched same day and we receive the order next day. Any queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

IM1 Car Centre

One of the first things that we noticed since moving across to the Tennants UK number plate system was the quality of the finished product.


We have used Tennants as our plates supplier for over 10 years and love the flexibility of the LG System, which reduces our stock holding as we only need to carry blank film media and print to order.

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Do you want a number plates solution that suits your business and is fit for purpose? Then get in touch now – and find out how we can help you to achieve both.




You can call our number plates team on 0115 9738084 and email them at Or you can fill in the quick contact form with your contact and inquiry details.