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Made Up Plates

Supply number plates without having to buy equipment or make them.

Order Ready Made Number Plates for Cars, Vans & Motorbikes On-Demand

Do you want to supply number plates without having to make them? Or are you reluctant to shell out on specialist equipment, just to produce the odd one? Then our Made Up Plates service is the perfect way for you to meet demand & save on setup costs.

step 1


First, you will need to register with the DVLA as a number plate supplier.

the DVLA

step 2


Second, apply to Tennants UK and set up your Made Up Plates account.


step 3


Then order number plates as you need them, by email or our online portal. And we’ll put assemble them & deliver to your chosen location.

Supply Road Legal Number Plates to Your Customers

Without making a single one.

This service provides you with ready made number plates, on demand. Once you have an account, you simply place orders whenever you want. You can even have them delivered direct to the customer.

Why Outsource?

We understand you may not want or have capacity to make number plates on-site. Perhaps low demand means buying equipment is simply not cost effective. Or you may already have a basic setup and want a supplementary service as cover.

Whatever your reason, it doesn’t have to stop you from supplying number plates. And we guarantee their quality & legality.

Register with the DVLA

To legally supply number plates, you will first need to register with the DVLA. In essence, this means filling in a form with your business details and paying a one-off fee.

If you’re approved, you will be issued with a supplier SID or RNPS number. And you’ll be advised of your legal obligations as a registered supplier. Which includes record keeping and standards compliance.

Tennants Made Up Plates

Once you’ve registered with the DVLA, you can apply for an account with us. We’ll need your business information & RNPS number to check for approval. Then, we can set up your account and payment options. Which means you pay on invoice or spread the cost with direct debit.

Don’t forget, while we’re making the number plates, you’re legally the supplier. So you still need to keep records such the registration, customer and plate info.

Order on Demand – 24/7

As soon as you have an account, you can order made up plates. Not only will we send you a personal product and price list. But we’ll also set up your preferred payment & delivery methods.

If you prefer to place orders online, we’ll provide a log-in to our portal – LG Central. Once you have set up your default branding, plate and delivery options. Placing an order becomes a simple matter of pasting in your registrations & picking a plate type.

Order Number Plates Made by Professionals

Order Online via LG Central

To ensure it’s convenient to place your orders we created LG Central, our online portal. With just a few clicks you can manage your delivery locations and place orders, at any time of the day. And you can access all your previous & active order records, which offers total traceability.

Because it has an easy to use interface with a minimal design, you can place orders quickly. Choose between single, paired or bulk ordering, with support for CSV & JSON formats. Includes over 50 different plate sizes, with multiple badge and border options. And because it’s browser based, it’s widely responsive and works well on most modern devices.

Out Source Your Production

In addition to occasional orders, we also cater to companies looking to outsource their plate production. With Made Up Plates you’ll free up valued space, reduce equipment costs and ease workforce demands. Not only can we accommodate your branding needs on lips or bottom lines. But we also accept pre-formatted files, so orders can be sent direct from a website or online shop.

Each one of our number plates is professionally made and individually checked by hand. Moreover this service operates a next-day dispatch, even with custom branding. Or for high-end number plates that feature adhesive Gel and 3D Digits.

Made Up Plates Ordered Online & Sent Straight to Your Business

Made Up Plates works for everyone, whether you’re an occasional or high volume supplier. Provide road-legal number plates, but without any of the hassle or cost of production. And because we make them for you, we guarantee their quality.




So get in touch and find out how easy it is to supply number plates without making them. Either call us on 0115 9738084 or email Otherwise fill in the quick contact form above with your enquiry details.

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