Made Up Plates

Our made up plates service enables clients to supply number plates without having to buy equipment, stock media or even make them.

Number Plates On Demand

Supply Road Legal Number Plates to Your Customers

Without making a single one.

Initially designed for low volume or limited capability suppliers, this service provides number plates on demand. Subscribe and order from our entire catalogue of types, shapes and sizes.

Or use it as a supplementary service, allowing you to cover plates beyond your current capability. You even get to assign a company logo to be used on them, increasing your brand exposure.

Thanks to this service, not owning specialist equipment need no longer be a barrier to you supplying number plates.

High Volume - No Problem

In addition to occasional orders, this service can cater to companies looking to outsource high volume production. Subscribe and free up valued storage space, equipment costs and release demands on your workforce. Submit an order and we make your number plates within short lead times, accommodating any branding requirements.

If you’re interested in outsourcing your production and want to switch to ordering on demand, Contact Us now about Made Up Plates.

All Sizes

Broaden your product lines and offer more than just standard oblong number plates. Subscribe to this service and order any number plate you want.

Shaped Plates

Sell shaped plates

Our catalogue covers an array of specially shaped number plates for specific vehicle models. Don’t turn away customers because your production is limited, rediscover your love for curves.

Pressed Metal Plates

Provide metal pressed number plates

Add a third dimension to your number plates with our pressed plates. These clean, minimalist plates offer something different with registrations that stand proud.

Made-Up colour number plates

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Interested in how this service can work for you? Call number plates on 0115 9738084, email or use the form link above and fill in your contact and inquiry details.

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