Hybrid Number Plates

Created for Colour & Designed to Last

Tennants Hybrid Number Plates may be the best looking printed plates in the UK. Made from three separate top quality components, combined together to create a vibrant and reliable plate.

We use clear film for them, so eye catching colour branding becomes a real possibility. As a result, you can deliver a highly colourful, reflective and durable number plate. Here’s our 3-Part Assembly Guide.

Combined Number Plate Solutions
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Affordable Colour Number Plates

Our Hybrid number plates

Hybrid Number Plates use highly retainable clear film sheets. This allows you the use of colour and opens up branding opportunities. Yet this process lowers costs on printing and wastage compared to other traditional printing techniques.

To make a 3-Part Number Plate with our blank components, you print onto the film and sandwich it between reflective and a clear acrylic face. This combination provides excellent impact and weathering resistance. While our highly reflective media satisfies the British Standards and regulations.

Tested & Certified Number Plate Solutions

Our components are designed to make affordable number plates that comply with the law. We regularly test plate samples to check they are compliant. And we gain third party certification for them, before we make them available for sale on our shop.

To guarantee your plates are legal, all 3 Hybrid components must be used with our printing systems. In short, this means you must design your number plates using our software. Then print them out onto our plate components. Finally you assemble and join all three parts together.

Hybrid number plate on red car

Components for Any Number Plate

We fabricate most of our plate components in-house from high quality materials. In fact, our manufacturing capability allows us to produce a vast range of plate media. And so offers you a way to make number plates for every vehicle on UK roads.

Discover Hybrid Number Plates

Interested in how Hybrid Plates can work for you? Want to see if they fit your business needs and budget? Get in touch now and find out more.




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