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Core Number Plate Printing Solutions

For a quick & lean answer to on site production, we recommend our Core Number Plate Printing Solutions.

Reliable Number Plate Solutions for Your Pre-Sales Team or Workshop

Some of the UK’s most respected dealerships and service centres run our Core Number Plate Printing Solutions. Operating in a fast-paced and precise industry, they require trusted & reliable systems. And they expect their number plates to be of a similar high standard.

This is the reason we developed our Prime and Premier Series. Which print a number plate every few seconds, even in a workshop. Thanks to simple but robust printers and our standards compliant software. Yet it’s this simplicity that delivers savings on your production & supply costs. And because each business is unique, you can tailor them to fit your needs. Try dual printers for faster output or eye-catching pre-branded media.

Prime Series – Sheet or Roll

Our Prime Series is a perfect fit for your showroom or garage workshop. Given that it reliably produces number plates, time after time. Owing to its thermal printer, it’s robust & simple to maintain. Yet still offers you a choice on dual printers & sheet or roll fed media.

  • Prints Oblong Plates - IconPrints Oblong & Lipped Plates
  • Thermal Printer - Icon4inch CLS621 Thermal Printer
  • Sheet Fed - IconSheet Fed via Rear Tray
  • Cost per Print - Icon5p per Print / 575 Plates per Ribbon
  • Time per Print - Icon30 Seconds per Print
  • Production Volume - IconFor: Medium / High Volume
  • Option - IconDual Roll Fed Printers Option – Preview
  • Software Required - IconRequires: Windows OS & LG Plates

Premier Series – Dual Printer

For high volume production, you should consider upgrading to our Premier Series. Which delivers paired plates every few seconds, thanks to its dual printers. And it protects your components from dust & grime by being internally housed. As a result, your output is doubled and the time between loading is increased.

  • Prints Oblong Plates - IconMakes Oblong & Lipped Plates
  • Thermal Printer - Icon2 Large 4inch CLS700 Thermal Printers
  • Roll-Fed - icon200 Panel Roll Fed – Internal
  • Cost per Print - Icon5p per Print / 575 Plates per Ribbon
  • Time per Print - Icon10 Seconds per Print
  • Production Volume - IconFor: High / Ultra Volume
  • Option - IconPre-printed Media Option – Branding/Flags
  • Software Required - IconRequires: Windows OS & LG Plates

Make British Standard Compliant Number Plates

Matched Components – Specification

To produce a road-legal number plate, you must join specific matched components together. Only by following our strict specification, will it comply with British Standard BSAU145e. Which means using just one supplier for both your printing equipment and media.

Reflective Plates – Prime & Premier Series
Both our Core Solutions make standard Reflective Number Plates. This means you print directly onto a dry reflective sheet or panel. Then laminate a clear acrylic face on top, to protect it and meet the regulations. Not only does this meet BSAU145e, but it’s also compatible with our 3D Digits.

Additional Services & Support

Because these systems only produce oblong number plates, we offer a range of extra services. To help you cover other sizes and shapes, there’s our Made Up Plates service. And you can order pre-printed media, colour branded to match your business. Not to mention a range of national flags for standard and electric vehicles.

Finally there’s our technical support, which provides you with remote & on-site help. Moreover, we provide training and guides for the printer and software. And we have digital versions for our Software, Prime & Premier printers on our Knowledge Base.

Note: On-site support visits may be subject to your Service Level Agreement.

Core Number Plate Printing Solutions Fit for Everyone

Whether you run a dealership, showroom or service centre our core solutions are an ideal fit. Due to their quick & lean operation and low maintenance costs. Get in touch now and we’ll help you configure a setup to meet your needs.

Not sure this solution is for you? Try our handy NP Systems Guide (PDF).


For more details on our printing solutions try our webpages. Otherwise call us on 0115 9738084 or email Or fill in the quick form above with your enquiry details.

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