Thermal Number Plate Printing Solutions

Primed for performance

Simple, High Performance Number Plate Production

Designed for those who sell the best.

Our thermal number plate printing solutions are in production at some of the most prestigious car dealerships and service centres in the UK. Operating in a fast-paced industry, these organisations require reliable systems that are fit for purpose and expect the plates they produce to be of a similar high standard.

We provide a choice of fast and lean systems that can fulfil their needs. They have been developed, tested and fine-tuned until they dispense perfect plates without having to be micromanaged or configured repeatedly.

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Prime Series

Reliable and user friendly, this is a solution to trust.

The Prime Series harnesses thermal printers to deliver high speed production, while easy to use software helps with legislative compliance. This simple, lean operation allows them to quickly dispense number plates and keep running costs down.

Tailor this solution to your needs, upgrade to Dual Roll Fed Printers and order media with colour bottom lines.

Dual Prime Series Printers

Premier Series

For those serious about volume consider our Premier Series. Featuring two large roll fed printers, it quickly dispenses batches of plates lowering the need for user intervention.

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If your business operates a showroom or manages a service & repair centre, these solutions are perfect for your sector. They are supplied with a range of services including technical support, online restocking and marketing tools aimed at helping you design, print and build your own road legal number plates.

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