Quick & Lean Number Plate Production

Primed for performance

Thermal Number Plate Printing that simply works, every time.

Designed for those who expect the best.

Some of the most respected car dealerships and service centres in the UK are running our thermal number plate printing solutions. Operating in a fast-paced and precise industry, they require reliable systems fit for purpose. And by the same token, they expect their number plate system to be of a similar high standard.

For this reason they use a thermal number plate printing system from Tennants UK. Benefiting from its fast, yet lean workflow to dispense perfect number plates every time. Not to mention the built-in managerial oversight and low maintenance.

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Our Prime Series

Reliable and user friendly.

The Prime Series delivers high speed number plates by using thermal technology. By and large because they print directly onto reflective, creating a plate every few seconds. While their easy to use software helps with legislative compliance. In fact being simple, helps them to work quickly and keeps running costs down.

Prime Series printer and tray for sheets

Your business is unique, meaning that sometimes a standard solution may not fit your needs. For this reason we provide options for you to tailor your setup. Try using Dual Printers for increased speed or syncing plate records with your existing systems to monitor activity.

Premier Series

If you’re producing high numbers of oblong number plates, consider our Premier Series. It quickly dispenses batches of paired plates by using twin printers and large rolls.

Demo our Thermal Number Plate Printing Solutions & See for Yourself

These solutions are a perfect fit whether you run a showroom or a service & repair centre. They supply everything you need to make standard number plates on site. Equally important is our range of support services, like technical assistance and preferential ordering.

If you’re interested contact us now or book a demonstration and see them in action.




For more information call number plates on 0115 9738084, email sales@tennantsuk.com or use the quick form link above and fill in your details and ask for a demo.