Number Plate Production

From made-up plates to individually branded components, our number plate production team produces everything in house.

Our Number Plates and Components are Forged In-House

Our number plate production facilities are managed by an excellent team who use the industry’s leading laser cutting technology, printing and perforating machines to manage a fully operational production line. Manufacturing high volumes of number plates, we print, assemble, pack and ship on demand.

Working closely with media manufacturers, we also fabricate plate components from multiple materials. Our customers demand a choice of plastic and metal components, which enables them to achieve different grades of finish.

Stocking a wide range allows us to both cater to our clients needs and carry out testing to ensure they provide legitimate results.

Number plate assembly
ABS Number Plate Routing
Reflective Sheet Cutting
Order Pack and Dispatch

Tested for Compliance

Our in house laboratory was built to do fundamental testing and research on our finished number plates and components to ensure they achieve compliance with standards and regulations.

Using the latest technology we look at their colourimetry and retroreflection, near infrared contrast for ANPR cameras and durability or retention over longer periods of time.

And Certified for Use.

Weather resistant tests passed
Retroreflective tests passed
Impact resistant tests passed
Abrasion resistant tests passed

Testing in-house allows us to investigate our plates against abrasion, exposure to dirt and grime, water, impact, bending, thermal change and weathering. We carry out these tests before submitting samples for third party certification.

This rigorous testing regime assures customers, number plates made from our components will meet official standards including the latest BSAU145e.

  • Bend & Flex Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Cold Resistant