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Orafol provide the anti-dote to poor signage with Oralite 5090 and 5095 protective overlays, designed to protect against the damp & vandalism.

Orafol provide the Anti-Dote to Poor Signage with Oralite 5090 and 5095

To ensure compliance and optimum UV protection, all digitally printed Permanent Traffic Signs must be laminated with a compatible protective overlay. For a simple guide, try our handy compatibility table on the permanent sign materials webpage under our Reflective Solutions.

Depending on the specification of any given scheme, however, this protective overlay may need to have anti-dew or anti-graffiti properties. And our range of permanent reflective sign materials all have compatible 5095 or 5090 overlays for both these requirements.

Tennants and Orafol – we’ve got you covered.