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Oralite 6910 Overview

This Oralite 6910 Overview introduces a specialist reflective film and includes details on its usage & notable highlights. Oralite 6910 Brilliant Grade is a premium reflective film for traffic sign and equipment manufacturers. High-performance Oralite 6910 is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the traffic control industry. Making it an ideal solution to ensure maximum visibility, particularly in low-light and night-time conditions.

Oralite 6910 Overview

  • Prismatic RA3B Reflective: Oralite 6910 meets the RA3B classification, delivering superior Retroreflectivity
  • 12-Year Working Life: With its 12-year durability, Oralite 6910 offers long-term reliability & performance.
  • UKCA & EN12899-1 Certified: Fully accredited, Oralite 6910 is designed for vertically mounted traffic signs
  • 10 Highways Colours: 7 standard & 3 fluorescent colours meet diverse regulatory or production requirements
  • Digitally Printable: This UV-stabilised acrylic film is compatible with digital printing workflows
  • Oralite Printer Compatible: Oralite 6910 is compatible with Oralite UV & ECO Traffic Printer systems
  • Specialist Overlay Films: Dew, graffiti & sticker resistant overlay films ensure efficacy & sustainability
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: Permanent solvent adhesive specially formulated for metallic surfaces
  • Translucent & Hi-Tack Variants: Films for allowing light through and high-tack adhesive for plastic surfaces

Film Benefits

Oralite 6910 from Orafol, provides multiple benefits to sign makers and equipment manufacturers. Including enhanced visibility and reflectivity, ensuring signs and markings are seen quicker, even at night. A flexible film, 6910 aids application to substrates and even slightly raised fixings. And the UV stabilised film and overlays means performance is effective over an extended period.


By design Oralite 6910 is specified for vertically mounted traffic & warning signs, supplying performance and durability. This high-specification is also perfect for reflective markings on street furniture like bollards, posts and barriers. Or back-lit traffic and airport signs, offering consistent illumination and visibility.

For more information on Oralite 6910 or trading terms, get in touch. Switch to Oralite 6910 Reflective now and reach exceptional visibility levels for your traffic and safety projects.