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Oralite 5930 Prismatic Construction Grade

Developed for medium-term traffic signs, Hi-Tack Oralite 5930 Prismatic Construction Grade is certified to EN 12899-1 & Class RA2. This prismatic film has a 5 year durability and comes with a high-tack adhesive.

5930 Spec Sheet

Oralite 5930 Prismatic Construction Grade is designed for making temporary traffic, warning & work-zone signs. This prismatic reflective has a High-Tack adhesive specially formulated for polyolefinic as well as metal surfaces. So it’s ideal for making your temporary site signs, regardless of the substrate.

Featuring a 5-year outdoor service life, Oralite 5930 film comes in 4 standard & 3 fluorescent colours. In addition to a transparent laminate, this RA2 film has a range of compatible inks, overlay and lettering film. The Orafol webpage for Oralite 5930 Prismatic Construction Grade has more details, data sheets, certificates & application instructions.

Oralite 5930 Quick-Specs

Film: Oralite 5930 Prismatic Construction Grade
Tech: RA2 Prismatic Film
Roll Width: 1235mm
Roll Length: 50 metre rolls
ST Colours: 0.510mm thick
FL Colours: 0.580mm thick

Material Details

  • Reflective Class: RA2
  • Standard: EN 12899-1 / NHSS
  • Acrylic Film with Polypropylene Liner
  • Technology: Prismatic
  • Durability: 5 year life
  • Colours: 4 Standard / 3 Fluorescent
  • High-Tack Adhesive for Metal & Plastic*

Compatible Products

  • Digital Ink: 5019i (uv) / 5017 (eco)
  • Transparent Film Overlay: 5061
  • Anti-Graffiti Overlay: 5095
  • Screen Ink: 5018
  • Lettering Film: 5081

Adhesive* Check Substrate Compatibility

Colours & Pattern

Colours & patterns shown below are for illustration purposes and may not match actual films. Click for slightly larger swatches.

Standard Colours
Fluorescent Colours

Oralite 5930 Downloads

The Orafol website has a selection of data-sheets, instructions & safety info for Oralite 5930. Below you will find a set of links for those downloads.

Traffic Signs & Construction Zones
Data Sheet
Application Instructions
Safety Info