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Tennants Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence as responsible manufacturers & BNMA Members means we only provide standards-compliant products. Ensuring our customers only supply high-quality number plates that are road-legal. To achieve this objective, we constantly revise our product lines, including our printers, components and software. Confirming they are efficient and suitable for their target sector & operators.

Revision Highlights

  • Submit 2024 number plates samples for testing.
  • Update Plates software with new template formats.
  • Introduce new online customer ordering portal.
  • Enhance software integration with Tennants Central.
  • Implement ISO 27001 security systems for data records.
  • New Dashboard for managerial oversight via Central.
  • More articles added to number plate knowledge base.
  • Revamp number plate system details on website.

2024 BSAU 145e Certification

For assurance, we recently resubmitted samples for testing and accreditation. Our Film, Acrylic, and 3D Number Plates underwent testing at a UKAS Laboratory, which included True 3D & GEL Digits. Securing an updated 2024 BSAU 145e Certification showcases our commitment to compliance. Restating that BNMA Members offer number plate suppliers superior products & services.