We can’t believe a year has passed already, but Tennants staff recently enjoyed our annual jaunt to Ladies Day at Nottingham Races in May. Giving them another chance to get out their Posh Frocks and Waistcoats and hit the course bars.

So all the smart clobber was dredged from the back of the wardrobe, ironed, primped and shown off, only to be comprehensively doused in Prosecco and Ketchup by mid-afternoon.

Ladies Day - Nottingham Races

Our choice of runners was pretty much universally ill-advised and it has to be said that none of us came out of the day with our pockets and clutch bags bursting at the seams with bundles of hard cash. Even though we employed the tried and tested method of choosing the horses with the funniest names.

Regardless; we had a great day once again.