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Happy Halloween from everyone at Tennants UK, who started the celebrations early on Friday with Carved Pumpkins and Chip Butties.

We celebrated Halloween with pumpkins and chip butties, with an odd looking, but tasty punch to wash it all down. Festivities included a one-of-a-kind pumpkin carving competition, and various other activities. Such as pin the nose on the witch, eye pong, and even pumpkin golf – as shown on the picture above.

This meant Thursday night was dedicated to carving pumpkins, since we were competing for the popular prize of a well-deserved day off. And we all had the chance to reconnect with our inner child and let our competitive spirits run free. Whilst not everyone walked away with delightful chocolates, valuable vouchers or that coveted ‘duvet-day’, we all enjoyed our thoroughly entertaining Halloween celebrations.

Happy Halloween Everyone…