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Chevron Kit Materials

Oralite Chevron Kit Materials produce Chapter-8 compliant vehicle templates & sets.

Make Any Type of Chevron Kit

Don’t limit your sales opportunities, this range of chevron kit materials means you can make every type of kit. Switch to Oralite and offer planked, flooded and magnetic kit panels, alongside side strips and door tablets. Or tailor your project materials based on the budget or the contours of a vehicle. And if Chapter 8 compliance is your Endgame, we’ve got everything you need.

Not only do we supply key convertors, we also provide compliant materials across the markings sector. Which includes ECE104 Conspicuity Tapes and Livery Films as well. To find out about a specific material, use the Orafol Links under the Films Index. Or click the button below to download our Vehicle Conspicuity Matrix.

Vehicle Conspicuity - Matrix

Buy Chapter-8 Kits Online – Fleet ID


If you’re after a Vehicle Chevron Kit, our partner Fleet ID sells affordable ones using our Oralite films. Designed to fit perfectly, they have a massive range of vehicles to choose from. As well as choices on full or half height kits, with reference codes for quality assurance & to help you reorder replacements.

Films Approved for Vehicle Conspicuity

Orafol are one of the worlds largest suppliers of retroreflective materials. So you shouldn’t be surprised, all their fleet-materials meet our national specifications. Or that there’s such a wide choice of retro-reflective & fluorescent films. And it’s all been tested and approved for use on UK roads.

Use Chevron Kit Materials Approved for Vehicle Conspicuity Markings

Chevron Kit Materials Designed To Be Seen

Each film is designed to be flexible enough for curves and aid application on metallic surfaces. With an adhesive that’s configured for repositioning, helping you create the perfect fit. Producing a high-performance finish, that’s an ideal addition to any suppliers range of materials. Switch to Oralite and benefit from a wide range of reflective & fluorescent films. That not only comply with standards, but compete on price too.

If you want to add these films to your range of materials or are interested in trading, get in touch. Simply use our contact points on the main Reflective Solutions webpage.