Reflective Bollard Panels

Choose Oralite for your reflective bollard panels, outsource and get them printed & cut-out by Tennants.

You Make the Bollards

And we’ll help them to shine.

If you source your reflective bollard panels from us we’ll assure their quality and full compliance. By utilising Oralite 6910HT Brilliant Grade Prismatic Film, your panels will stand out and be durable. A superior hi-tack adhesive aids assembly, and there’s a translucent version – 6910T for internally lit bollards. Which when all is combined, provides your products with that finishing touch.

High Class, Long Life

Oralite 6910 Hi-Tak is engineered and certified to meet all Class RA3B standards. So your bollard sign faces come with an outdoor durability of 12 years, or 10 years if fluorescent. And our pre-cut reflective panels are suitable for items that comply to BS8442 and BS EN12767.

Shapely & Informative

We provide pre-cut panels and strips to suit any bollard type, complete with edge sealing options. Alongside those, we offer a full range of UV printed sign faces, helping to keep traffic moving in the right direction.

As with all our reflective solutions, we carry a full range of compatible protective overlays. Which supply you with anti-graffiti, anti-dew and anti-sticker protection. All thanks to our permanent sign materials built-in compatibility & accreditation.

Come On, Come On, Let’s Stick Together

Tested & Proven Materials

Oralite 6910HT has undergone robust testing in accordance with BS 8442:2015. Which was readily confirmed, when we applied it to flexible bollards. In fact, our tests were done on both traditionally prepared and unprepared surfaces. Which means your prep time for application can be significantly reduced.

Flexible & Durable

Our tests establish that this material performs better than its main competitors. Especially when no surface preparation was carried out. It also offered greater flexibility and is therefore less brittle, which improves its impact resistance. For the precise specification for the reflective, check out our Spec Sheets. Each material has a dedicated PDF listing its details and roll size.

Switch to Oralite & Outsource Your Reflective Bollard Panels

For your reflective bollard panels choose a material that meets regulations. Outsource the production of your panels and benefit from reduced setup & running costs. Switch to Oralite now, for solutions that don’t cost the earth.




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