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Temporary Road Sign Films

Our Temporary Road Sign Films span from RA2 Prismatic to Class-1 Glass Bead Reflective.

Temporary Road Sign Films

Our temporary road sign films have been developed for high-risk areas and work-zones. With micro-prismatic RA2 films all they way down to Class-1 glass-bead reflective. And multiple grades, including high-intensity, construction, commercial and economy. So you can match films to your needs and lower costs.

To find out about a specific material, use the links under the Films Index. Or click the button below to download our Temporary Sign Films Matrix. You will see that they not only provide cover for our national specifications from BS8442 to EN12899-1. But are also used across Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, India, America and Asia.

Temporary Road Sign Films - Matrix

Oralite Reflective

This range of Oralite Reflective is optimised for making temporary road & worksite signs. As a result it offers cost-effective steps, including digital-print or high-tack films. Thus supporting a modern printed workflow and plastic substrates. And for compliance, each film has compatible inks, lettering films and overlays.

Utilising Oralite, you can produce temporary road signs & equipment that meet national standards. Not to mention benefit from its unrivalled balance of price and performance.

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Wide Ranging & Flexible

Since temporary signs are vital to streetwork and site safety, it’s essential you select the ideal film. That’s why this range spans from high-intensity prismatic, with a 5-year outdoor durablity. To basic Class-1 reflective, printable and good for 3-years use on-site.

Moreover, not every worksite or location is the same. And your signs may need to be visible to high-speed traffic or pedestrians. So our films allow you to be flexible and tailor signs via their performance & usage.

Print Any Temporary Road Sign
Temporary Road Sign Films and Materials

If you want to add these films to your range of materials or are interested in trading, get in touch. Simply use our contact points on the main Reflective Solutions webpage.