Traffic Sign Printing

Why not modernise your sign production methods? Switch to printing Oralite Faced Traffic Signs & benefit from reduced costs & easy compliance.

Printed Traffic Sign Solutions

On this page you will find a choice of two digital traffic sign printing solutions. To start we have the M64s Oralite Eco Printer, an entry level solution that produces legally compliant road signs. Next up is the H1650i Oralite UV Printer, a cutting-edge system designed for high-volume output that maintains its quality.

Both solutions are designed for Oralite sheeting, which offer you a balance of performance and price. Since Orafol are one of the largest suppliers of retroreflective materials, you’re assured they conform to regulations. And as the UK Master Distributor of Oralite Reflective Sheeting, we provide a competitive edge on pricing.

Save on Production Costs, Time & Waste

Digitally printing your traffic signs saves significant time compared to outdated cut-graphics. Not to mention reducing the environmental impact from waste material & solvents. Especially when you nest designs on the sheet, maximising printing runs.

Modern machinery delivers a quick turn-around for projects, with prints dried as they’re made. So your laminating & cutting teams aren’t kept waiting so long for curing.

Oralite Printed Traffic Signs

Oralite Eco Traffic Printer

The Oralite Eco Traffic Printer is a cost-effective solution which digitally prints both EN 12899.1 and BS 8442 signs. As a result of combining an OKI M64s with Oralite Reflective it reduces fabrication steps and cuts costs. Widely used throughout America and Asia and now available in the UK. But with print profiles for a range of compatible Oralite film materials.

At Tennants we’re proud to be an official distributor for this system and all its media including overlays. And we believe it offers a sustainable entry point into traffic sign manufacture. And this is based on the decades of experience we have producing signs for the highways sector. Contact us for details of our starter package, which includes installation, training & on-site technical support.

  • Digital Traffic Sign Printing – 7-9 m2 per hour.
  • 7 Colours – CMYK + Lc, Lm & Gy.
  • Eco-Solvent SX Ink Cartridges – 1.5 litres.
  • 1.6m Max Print Width.
  • Photorealistic Images – 900dpi.
  • 3-Way Heaters – Pre/Print/Post.
  • Full Colour Roll Printing
  • Profiles for Oralite Glass Bead & Prismatic Materials.

H1650i Oralite UV Traffic Sign Printer

This is the Oralite UV Traffic Sign Printer, a digital solution optimised for fast & flexible production. Since all film within the Oralite range is compatible with the H1650i, it’s ideal for making certified & non-certified signs. Alongside offering a choice of rigid substrate or roll-to-roll printing. Resulting in an all round solution, perfect for manufacturers wanting a step-up in a challenging market.

Accurate, wide-format printing from advanced LEDs with air-cooled UV lights save you energy, costs and time. Designed for high-volume productivity, yet it still delivers great solids, text and tonal rendering. Contact us to register your interest in this professional solution, which has service & support from Orafol. Alongside trading agreement with us for your reflective sheet.

AGFA H1650i in Action
  • Digital Traffic Sign Printing – 14.5-23 m2 per hour.
  • 6 Colours (30pl) – CMYK+W/CMYK+Lc & Lm.
  • UV LED Curable Inkjet Print System.
  • 1650mm Media & Print Width.
  • High-Quality Output – 1440dpi.
  • Direct to Substrate & Roll Printing.
  • Profiles for All Oralite Films + CE Marked.

Cost Effective Traffic Sign Printing Solutions

Start printing your traffic signs and discover our top class, Oralite ecosystem. Benefit from fully compliant solutions, with printers, sheet & laminates designed to be used together.




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