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Remembering Mick Sowter, a work colleague and friend we'll always cherish.

Remembering Mick Sowter – A Work Colleague and Friend We’ll Always Cherish

Though it has been a few years since Mick’s passing, his memory continues to bring a smile to our faces. In his honour, we have created a peaceful garden space with a cosy bench. Which provides a place for us to gather and share the funny moments we shared with Mick.

Mick had a remarkable talent for finding humour in everyday situations. His quick wit and clever one-liners never failed to bring laughter to our workplace and brighten our days. We miss his infectious laughter, which had the power to transform even the dreariest Monday mornings. Mick had a special way of injecting joy and light heartedness into any setting. And those memories hold a special place in our hearts.