Oralite 5400 Commercial Grade

Oralite 5400 Commercial Grade is a glass bead reflective certified to EN 12899-1, Class RA1 for urban and streetwork signs.

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Oralite 5400 Commercial Grade is designed to ensure temporary signs made of it are visible to road users and pedestrians. Which is perfect, since this film is aimed at the producers of urban and 12D streetwork schemes. This speckled, glass-bead reflective is certified to EN 12899-1 at Class RA1. And has a smooth surface finish, compatible with both printed and cut graphic applications.

Oralite 5400 retroreflective has a 4 year service life and 6 colours available in 1235mm rolls. In addition, there’s a selection of compatible products that help to maintain its visibility & durability. Not to mention a High-Tack version 5430, with adhesive for plastic and metal surfaces.

Oralite Website: Oralite 5400 Commercial Grade – film details, data sheet, certificates & application instructions.

Oralite 5400 Specs

Brand: Oralite
Type: Retroreflective Film
Type: Retroreflective
Roll Widths: 1235mm
Roll Length: 50 metre rolls
ST Colours: 0.135mm thick
Variant: 5430 High-Tack

Material Details

  • Reflective Class: RA1
  • Standard: EN 12899-1 / BS8442
  • PVC Film with Silicone Paper Liner
  • Technology: Glass Bead
  • Durability: 4 year life
  • Colours: 6 Standard
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Metallic Surfaces

Compatible Products

  • Digital Ink: 5019i (uv) / 5017 (eco)
  • Transparent Film Overlay: 5051
  • Protective Overlay: 290F / 293F
  • Screen Ink: 5018
  • Lettering Film: 5071

Colours & Pattern

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Standard Colours
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