Oralite 5860 High-Intensity Construction Grade

Oralite 5860 High-Intensity Construction Grade is a glass-bead film certified to EN 12899-1, Class RA2.

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Oralite 5860 High-Intensity Construction Grade film is a high-performance glass bead reflective. This film is aimed at the production of temporary road sign & work-zone notices. In addition to offering impressive levels of reflectivity, its smooth surface is very printable. And its compatible overlays help to maintain its durability & visibility. In addition to a pressure sensitive adhesive for metallic surfaces, it’s available in 6 colours.

Orafol Website: Oralite 5860 High-Intensity Construction Grade – film details, data sheet, certificates & application instructions.

Material Specs

Brand: Oralite
Roll Width: 760 / 920 / 1235mm
Roll Length: 50 metre rolls
ST Colours: 0.210mm thick

Material Details

  • Reflective Class: RA2
  • Standard: EN 12899-1 / NHSS
  • Acrylic Film with Polypropylene Liner
  • Technology: Glass Bead
  • Durability: 5 year life
  • Colours: 6 Standard
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Metallic Surfaces

Compatible Products

  • Digital Ink: 5019i / 5017
  • Transparent Film Overlay: 5061
  • Anti-Graffiti Overlay: 5095
  • Screen Ink: 5018
  • Lettering Film: 5081

Colours & Pattern

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Standard Colours
Fluorescent Colours


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