Standards and Accreditations

We strive to be market leaders and target meeting all relevant standards and accreditations. And by showing that we comply and are fully certified, we identify Tennants as a reliable manufacturer & supplier.

Our willingness to reflect and desire to innovate makes us a partner of choice for many multinationals. Moreover, this enables us to provide solutions that respond to our clients’ needs. Below you can find out more about our values & practices.


For over 50 years we’ve operated with one aim, to provide goods and services that comply with relevant standards. But are still cost-effective and fit for purpose. In order to achieve this goal, we perform vigorous testing. And we pursue accreditation from industry leading schemes and organisations.

Gaining these accreditations shows our commitment to quality and demonstrates we apply reliable systems. Our approved supplier audit system, ensures our supply chain achieves similar high standards and the same level of accountability. We also invest heavily in our own facilities. Which gives us more independence and allows us to innovate.


Focusing on customer service means we can provide a prompt response to enquiries and orders. In fact this dedication to our clients needs, has led to a satisfaction rate of over 90% across the board.

By manufacturing in house we receive gains that provide short lead times. Similarly our great relationships with suppliers gives us the capacity to fulfil the largest orders to the tightest of deadlines. And allows us to supply compliant goods without the need for inflated pricing.

By investing in our facilities and staff, we can innovate and improve both our output and efficiency. While our experience helps us to identify gaps and opportunities in the marketplace.


Good relationships deliver a vital stability every company needs, ours help us to manage both supply and pricing. Our strong partnerships mean we can pass those benefits on to our clients.

We believe our success is linked to our ability to evolve, meet demand, and innovate to offer variety. Since we’ve been trading, we have morphed and adapted several times yet we continue to expand.

Our willingness to embrace new technology has empowered us. Not only helping to improve our portfolio of products and services. But also identifying how we can best serve our local community in the future.

We Can Prove It

Here’s a sample of our certificates and accreditations. Alongside these, our trading partners also carry out testing and have information on the conformity they hold. In addition, we are members and contribute to numerous industry groups.

Any Questions

The information on this page provides a snapshot of the standards and accreditation’s we operate to, hold and pursue. So our clients can relax knowing they have chosen a partner that provides quality products and services. Which are all compliant with standards and fit for purpose.

For more information on how we can work with your business get in touch – contact us.