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For the last part of our series on compliance, we talk about our stringent Number Plate Testing regime.

We’re publishing a series of posts, to guide you through basic number plate legality and compliance. For the sixth post, we describe how we test our number plates. And seek accreditation, to provide you with proof of your plates legality.

An important part of your obligations as a supplier, is to ensure your number plates meet British Standards. These are the rules that govern a plates appearance and physical characteristics. Since you’re not a manufacturer, you will source compliant components and equipment from a third party – like Tennants UK.

Compliance Testing

Providing assurance to our customers on compliance, is an important part of our obligations. Hence, being able to prove our components make legal number plates is vital.

For that reason we built an in-house number plate testing lab. To do fundamental research and testing on our plates and components. So we can check they conform to all aspects of BSAU145d, before we make them available for sale.

In order to pass 145d Specifications, a number plate has to pass 9 Tests.

Each test has a separate and distinct purpose, from ensuring legibility to checking durability. Using the latest technology, we test colourimetry and retroreflection, near infrared contrast for ANPR cameras and overall durability. For more details on the tests, check out our knowledge base article on the British Standard BSAU145d.

Once they pass the tests, we self certify the components. Before we submit samples for third party checks & BS Accreditation. And you may remember we recently achieved a pass certificate for the upcoming BSAU145e.

BSAU145d Number Plates

Our Hybrid number plates

We only provide components for sale from a number plate construction that’s passed BSAU145d tests. That way as our customer, you’ll be able to use our BS certification. But it only covers our specific matched combinations, using anything else just wont be legal.

You can Trust Tennants on Compliance.

Note: With the introduction of BSAU145e the regulations have been updated. To find out how this effects your supply, take a look at our What Makes A Legal Number Plate article.