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The Circle of Life is similar to Closed Loop Recycling

According to The Lion King (as good a point as any for philosophical enlightment) the concept of the circle of life is that we start at the end and end in the beginning, which certainly is a reassuring thought.

At the risk of being sued by Sir Elton, it stikes us that this concept applies neatly to Closed Loop Recycling. The process by which a product or component can be used and then turned into something new, or converted back to raw material.

Alongside our recently acquired ISO 14001: 2015 accreditation and Social Value activities, Tennants are putting more and more effort into sustainability with our fully recycled and recyclable Enviroplate substrate being part of a closed loop system, as well as operating recycling packages for our materials including temporary road sign and composite substrates and all number plate specifications, including used plates.

You can follow us on our sustainability journey (or Green Mile) as we implement further initiatives during the coming year, including energy efficiencies, the planting of trees and more.