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Calling all number plate suppliers, you will soon find a new sales opportunity, thanks to the International Trailer Plate scheme. For owners of trailers used abroad will soon need to purchase a new registration plate before driving overseas.

What is the International Trailer Plate Scheme

In short, this scheme is a mandatory DVLA service to register trailers for international use. It is being introduced as part of the UK’s ratification of the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. And it will address legal issues you face when using your trailer abroad. Not to mention increasing your safety, by limiting the numbers allowed on the roads.

Note: This does not replace the need for a towing trailer plate. You still need a display your vehicles number plate on your trailer.
The International Trailer Plate Scheme is run by the DVLA

Who Needs to Register?

Not every trailer owner will need to use this service, only if you use yours overseas. And only if your trailer meets the criteria, which is:

  • Used commercially and weighing over 750kg (Gross)
  • Non-commercial and weighing over 3500kg (Gross)

Where Do I Register?

Enforcement starts from the 28th March 2019, after Brexit. Which means you will have to register to get your certificate and get a new plate before traveling abroad. But at least you can do it all online via the DVLA Website, since it’s estimated this change will affect over 1/4 million people.

To register you will need to know certain details about your trailer:

Picture showing a trailers connector
Once you know those details you can register online. As of 14/12/18, it will cost you £26 to register a trailer for the first time. Then you’ll receive a Trailer Registration Number and an Authorisation Certificate (VTRC or eV948/2). To get a International Trailer Plate you will need to show these to a number plate supplier.

What is an International Trailer Plate

We think the new trailer plate looks like a white motorcycle number plate. Because your trailer number is also split onto 2 lines but it does have a different format. Once you have your number, you will see it is grouped as 1 letter and 3 numbers followed by another 4 numbers.

What Does It Look Like?

Our mock-up image below, provides you with a good preview of a trailer plate. As you can see, the registration is split over two lines using black digits on a white background. Yet unlike a number plate, it doesn’t need a British Standard number.
An International Trailer Plate mock-up

Where Does it Go?

You need to mount it to the rear of your trailer, just like your towing trailer plate. But you’ll need to put them as far away as possible from each other. In fact if there isn’t room on the rear, you have to put one on both sides of your trailer instead.

Supplying International Trailer Plates

To legally supply an International Trailer Plate, you need to be a DVLA registered number plate suppler. And you will need to know its format and sizing requirements. So that you can actually make one to meet regulations.

What Format Does It Use?

To recap, your international trailer plates must split the registration over 2 lines. Which is similar to the motorcycle format, as you see below, but the vertical gap between rows is just 5mm. So you can make them using our white 9×7 inch number plate components.
International Trailer Plate Format

Format Highlights:

  • Black digits must be 64mm wide by 44mm high.
  • Except one and I which are 10mm wide.
  • The stroke width and gap between characters is also 10mm.
  • A vertical 5mm gap is used to separate each group.
  • Trailer plate backgrounds must be white.

If you’re an existing customer, you’ll need our LG Plates Software and a printer that takes 9×7 inch media. Then all you need to do is select a template and enter the registration. Because our software does all the format work for you. Or we can make them for you as part of our Made Up Plates service.

What Proof Do I Need To See?

Before you can make one however, you will need to see and record the details off a VTRC or eV948/2 certificate. Which the customers gets when registering with the DVLA. Alongside that your need proof of your customers identity. And just like when you make a number plate, you will need to keep your records for 3 years.

Trailer Dealerships: How can we Help?

Because of these new changes, you may decide the time is right to start making your own plates. Our number plate printing equipment is among the most cost effective on the market. And can be tailored to fit any business needs.

In contrast, our made up plates service delivers plates on demand, including trailer plates. All without the cost of buying equipment and training staff. Making it the perfect way to outsource your plate production.

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