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Traffic Sign Printers

optimised for reflective

Oralite Traffic Sign Printers

Oralite Traffic Sign Printers deliver compliance & compatibility for each sign class. After all they’re a fusion of top quality equipment and materials. Click a button below to find out which solution is suitable for you.

Choose between the Entry-Level ECO or the Top-End UV Traffic Sign Printer.

Oralite ECO Traffic

Oralite ECO Traffic with OKI M64s

OKI ColorPainter M64s
Eco Solvent Inks
7-9m2/hr Traffic Print Speeds
Profiles for Limited Oralite Films
For BS8442 & EN12899 Signs
Roll Printing Only

ECO Traffic Printer

Oralite UV Traffic

Oralite UV Traffic with the Anapurna H1650i

Anapurna H1650i Express
UV Dried LED Printing
14-22m2/hr Traffic Print Speeds
Profiles for All Oralite Films
For EN12899, BS8442 & UKCA Signs
Roll & Direct to Substrate Printing

UV Traffic Printer

Sign Printers Optimised for Oralite Films

Compatibility From RA1 to R3C

We believe Oralite films offer you an ideal balance of performance and price. That is why we only distribute traffic sign printers optimised for it. As a result, both the solutions on this page benefit from wide material compatibility & standards compliance.

Orafol have a comprehensive range of reflective solutions certified for traffic sign production. So there’s a glass-bead or micro-prismatic film for each grade of reflectivity. Which covers your traffic sign production from RA1 all the way up to R3C.

In addition you will find support for a selection of substrate, from plastic to finished steel. Moreover each film has fully certified & compatible laminate, overlay, inks and lettering tape.

So switch to printing Oralite faced traffic signs & benefit from reduced material costs & proven compliance. Not to mention a reliable supply from the UK Master Distributor – Tennants.

Oralite ECO Traffic Printer

The Oralite Eco Traffic Printer offers you a balance of standards compliance and print performance. To manage this feat, it combines an OKI M64s graphics printer with strict Oralite profiles. Resulting in an entry-level system that’s ideal if you work within a budget.

Oralite UV Traffic Printer

Modern hardware comes as standard with the Oralite UV Traffic Printer. As does its express print speeds of 22m2/hr and excellent media handling. Advanced LED printing under UV lights, helps lower your energy usage and production times. While the Oralite materials and UV ink system together print signs with a 10yr life-cycle.

Get A Traffic Sign Printer Optimised for Oralite Reflective

Try our Traffic Sign Printers and discover the top class, Oralite ecosystem. Benefit from fully compliant solutions, with printers, sheet & laminate all designed to work together. Not to mention support for a wide range of substrate surfaces.




For full package details on these printers just contact us to register your interest. Either call us on 0115 9738088 or email Otherwise fill in the quick contact form above with your enquiry details.