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Traffic Sign Printers Optimised for Reflective Films & Digital Workflows

Oralite Traffic Sign Printers have been developed to produce traffic control, guidance, warning and information signs. And to deliver standards compliance & full compatibility for each class of these signs. This is possible because they’re a fusion of top quality Printers and Materials from Orafol. Trusted by the Largest Permanent Traffic Sign Makers in the UK. And utilised by companies across Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, India, America and Asia.

Use the box links below and take a look at our traffic sign printers and films. Or continue to read on about their benefits & features.

UV Printer for Traffic Signs

UV Printer

R2R & Substrate Printing

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The Oralite ECO Traffic Printer

Eco Printer

Compact with Eco Inks

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Oralite Catalogue of Films

Oralite Films

Certified Materials

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Sign Shop Supplies and Equipment


Sign Shop Equipment

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Oralite Optimised Printers

We offer a choice of two printing systems for sign manufacturers, a top-end UV or the wide-format ECO. Both are optimised for Oralite and its wide range of materials. Including print profiles for traffic colours, together with energy & ink-saving features. And R2R or even direct to Board, for a faster turnaround.
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Follow pre-set specifications & meet EN12899-1 and BS8442 standards. Combine advanced reflective films & inks to produce UV protected prints by default. Slashing your fabrication steps and boosting productivity.

Apply laminates to safeguard against vandalism or to meet project criteria. Ensure your traffic signs durability & visibility to humans & AI sensors. Trust Oralite for signs that perform their entire life.

Utilise Sustainable Sign Production Equipment

Benefit from an efficient workflow that reduces energy use, waste and production time. Cut drying times and volatile emissions with eco-inks or UV lamps. Quickly print traffic signs with a durability of up to 12 years. And send them for mounting immediately.

Printers, inks & films designed to work together.

Discover an Extensive Traffic Film Ecosystem

Oralite provide a comprehensive range of materials, with a glass-bead or prismatic film for each class. Including fully compatible overlays to protect against dew, graffiti and sticker vandals. So your signs can be simply cleaned instead of replaced.

From RA1 all the way up to R3C.

Digital Systems Developed for Traffic Signs

These systems are specially configured for cost-effective traffic-sign production. Whether it’s the energy saving UV Lamps, that can be activated instantly and deliver constant performance. Or the Inks, that are GreenGuard Gold certified for low emissions & offer reduced consumption. Included RIP Software has pre-set traffic-sign colours & reflective media profiles. Which help you produce to standards compliant signs with an impressive durability.

The compact ECO offers a sustainable entry into traffic sign printing. Balancing compliance and performance, alongside R2R operation & limited profiles. Whereas the larger UV’s agile media handling unlocks a direct to substrate capability. And its highly-efficient UV Lamps & Inks slash fabrication times and costs. Both traffic sign printers have profiles for the traffic-films in our Oralite Catalogue, which list films with their compatible laminates, inks & overlay.

UKCA Certified Reflective

All Oralite Reflective for Fixed, Vertical Permanent Traffic Signs is UKCA & CE Certified.

UKCA Certified Reflective Films

Oralite 9910 & 6910

Superb Outdoor Service Life Expectancy for Specialist Applications.

Signs with 12 Year Durability

Green & Economical

Utilise Environmentally Friendly Ink-Sets that are GreenGuard Gold certified for Emissions & Consumption.


Modernise Your Production with Traffic Sign Printers Designed for Reflective

Try our Traffic Sign Printers and discover the top class, Oralite ecosystem. Benefit from fully compliant solutions, with printers, films & laminate all designed to work together. Not to mention greener operation and support for a wide range of substrate surfaces.




For full details on our printers & films just contact us to register your interest. Either call us on 0115 9738087 or email Otherwise fill in the quick contact form above with your enquiry details.