Oralite ECO Traffic Printer

The Oralite Eco Traffic Printer offers you a delicate balance of compliance and performance for an entry-level price.

Oralite Optimised Production

The Oralite ECO Traffic Printer is the eco-friendly printing system for the production of road traffic signs. And is optimised for both temporary and permanent applications, when used in conjunction with Oralite materials.

At Tennants, we’re proud to be an official distributor for this system and its compatible materials. Especially since it offers a such a sustainable entry into traffic sign manufacture. Which makes it a first choice for the sign maker after compliant results, but working within a budget.

  • Features the OKI ColorPainter M64s
  • Has Strict Print Profiles for Oralite Reflective
  • Uses ECO-Solvent SX Inks – 1.5 Litres
  • 7 Colours – CMYK + Lc, Lm & Gy
  • Built-In 3-Way Heaters – Pre/Print/Post
  • Prints BS8442, EN12899 & UKCA Signs
  • 7-9m2 per hour Traffic Sign Print Speeds
  • 1.616m Max Print Width
  • Retroreflective, Vinyl, Banner, Paper, Backlit & Technical Textiles,
  • Service and Support via Tennants

Print BS8442 & EN12899 Traffic Signs on Oralite Reflective

Material Specifications for Each Sign Class

Various Oralite retroreflective films based on both glass bead and prismatic technology are printable on this system* – see section below. With the faces produced complying to EN12899-1 and BS8442 where appropriate. This versatile, large format printer is the first choice of the cost-conscious sign maker. And you’ll find it combines high quality, high density, high durability results with fast print speeds.

Eco Friendly Manufacturing

Digitally printing your traffic signs saves significant time compared to outdated cut-graphics. Not to mention reducing the environmental impact from waste material & screen-print solvents. And the Oralite ECO helps even more thanks to GreenGuard Gold certified SX inks, which deliver low VOC emissions. Which results in less airborne pollutants and chemicals being released during operation.

*Note: For more detailed film specifications view our Work Zone & Permanent Traffic Sign material pages.

Onyx RIP Software
ECO Solvent Inks

Compatible Materials

Click the buttons and links below for our PDF spec sheets.

Oralite 5200 Economy Grade
Oralite 5710 Engineer Grade Premium
Oralite 5810 Hi-Intensity Grade
Oralite 5910 Hi-Intensity Prismatic Grade
Oralite 6910 Brilliant Grade
Oralite 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium
Oralite 5051 Transparent Film
Oralite 5061 Transparent Film
Oralite 5090 Anti-Dew Film
Oralite 5095 Anti-Graffiti Film

Materials Overview: Scroll/Swipe Table to view cells.
Download: Perm Sign Materials PDF / Work Zone Materials PDF

Product Class Standard Technology Durability Colours Anti-Graffiti Anti-Dew Lettering Film Transparent Film
5200 CL1 BS 8442 Glass Bead 3 yrs 6 colours     5071 5051
5710 RA1 CE / EN12899-1 Glass Bead 7 yrs 7 colours 5095 5090 5071 5051
5810 RA2 CE / EN12899-1 Glass Bead 10 yrs 7 colours 5095 5090 5081 5061
5910 RA2 CE / EN12899-1 Prismatic 10 yrs 7 + 2 flu 5095 5090 5081 5061
6910 RA3B CE / EN12899-1 Prismatic 12 yrs 7 + 3 flu 5095 5090 5081 5061
9910 R3C CE / EN12899-1 Prismatic 12 yrs 7 + 3 flu 5095 5090 5081 5061

Print Temporary
Road Signs

Print Permanent
Traffic Signs

Start Printing Road Signs with the Oralite ECO Traffic

Switch to the Oralite ECO Traffic and make printing your road signs easy. Thanks to a fusion of printer, films & overlays designed to work together. For details of our starter package, including installation, training & on-site assistance, get in touch.




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