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Oralite UV Traffic Sign Printer

The Oralite UV Traffic Printer is an advanced printing system, that’s optimised for a wide range of films & substrates.

State of the Art Production

The Oralite UV Traffic Printer is a cutting-edge solution for traffic control and guidance signs. Not only is it optimised for Oralite Reflective Films from Class-1 to R3C. But it’s also configured for traffic sign colours and common substrates. So it quickly produces printed sign faces compliant to EN12899-1 or BS8442. And includes a range of environmental friendly and energy saving features.

Tennants aren’t just a distributor for this system, we’re also an owner. After all, it offers you such a wide range of capability fused with compliance. Which makes it perfect for the traffic sign manufacturer looking to ramp up your production. To say nothing of improving your processes and costs.

Oralite UV Traffic Printer

  • Features the Anapurna H1650i Printer
  • Prints on All Oralite Retroreflective Films
  • UV LED Curable Inkjet Print System
  • 6 Colour Print Heads – 30pl
  • CMYK+W / CMYK+Lc & Lmy
  • Produces BS8442 Temporary Road Signs
  • Prints EN12899 & UKCA Marked Traffic Signs
  • Approx 22m2 per hour Traffic Sign Print Speeds
  • 1.650m Max Print Width
  • Roll-to-Roll & Direct to Substrate Printing
  • Install, Service and Support via Orafol

Optimised for Traffic Control & Guidance Signs

Print Signs with a 12yr Life

Benefit from the unique UV ink system, which provides a 12 Year Life for signs made in conjunction with Oralite Reflective. As well as its environmental friendly operation, where there’s no solvent evaporation to vent. And this advanced solution is able to service both print on demand and high volume production runs.

LED printing provides you with lower energy consumption, while offering a constant UV output over its operating life. Not to mention fast drying inks, reduce your fabrication times. As well as lowering service and consumable costs.

Advanced System Capability

The Oralite UV Traffic Printer features an array of day-to-day operating enhancements. These include pneumatic media roll holding & ink level monitoring. Besides support for roll-to-roll is direct to rigid substrate printing. All this comes with low energy consumption, and settings for both on-demand & high-volume operation.

Boasting a touch screen interface, the command centre has multi-language support. Workflow software includes Asanti RIP which has ready to use ink & colour profiles. Tools to manage your data and devices, not to mention print operations. So you can tweak output to meet your needs.

Oralite: Reflective for Every Class

The UV Traffic Printer is fully compatible with all Reflective films in our Oralite Catalogue. Click the boxes below to find a material and see its specification. Or download our quick compatibility tables: Permanent Traffic Sign Films PDF / Work-Zone & Temporary Sign Films PDF

Take a Step Forward with the Oralite UV Traffic Printer

For an advantage over your competition consider the Oralite UV Traffic Printer. Not only is it optimised for printing traffic control and guidance signs. But your production will also benefit from its wide range of reflective & substrate support.




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