Outsource Your Number Plate Production & Save

Supply Number Plates to Your Customers Without Making a Single One

Subscribe to our Made Up Plates service and supply number plates without having to buy equipment or components.

Number Plate Supply


The decision to outsource your number plate production comes down to cost or convenience. That’s because setup costs for equipment and components can be substantial. And that’s before you factor in the labour and space to make them.

Regulations & Costs

Before you can even get started you have to register as a supplier with the DVLA. Then you find out you have to follow British Standards, otherwise you face huge fines. So you look for a manufacturer like Tennants, to help you with compliance & equipment.

But what if number plates are a small part of your business, does it justify the outlay and running costs?

Outsourced Production

If you outsource your number plate production you can concentrate on your core business. Whether that’s in vehicle preparation for a car dealership. Or focusing on SEO & Advertising to bring in more orders.

Of course, this is an ideal solution for small retailers, who only make the occasional plate. Yet it can also fill in for suppliers with limited capacity as a supplementary service.

Professionally Produced

Our made up plates service provides a total production solution. For it covers every size and type of road legal number plate, from oblong to shaped. Yet every one it makes for you will carry your name as the supplier. And because we produce them, we guarantee their quality.

Order using a selection of methods, from email to JSON via our online portal LG Central. On LG Central you can upload your order & delivery information, any time of the day. And access all your previous & active order records, which offers total traceability. So the only thing you need to do is take payment and record your customers details.