Lower Your Road Signs Environmental Impact

Save on Your Project Costs with a Greener, More Durable Sign Substrate

Our Enviroplate is not only a long lasting substrate, but it’s also recyclable & made from 100% reground material. So it will lower your road signs environmental impact when compared to other substrates.

Temporary Road Signs


Temporary road signs are a standard part of all Streetwork schemes. To satisfy all the possible situations you face on-site, there’s a huge range of choice. From angle iron and quick-fit metal frames, to cones & fold-out plastic signs.

The Usual Suspects

But the problem these signs all have in common, is they use the same substrates. Which means GRP Poly or Composite, which struggle to cope with transport & handling conditions. And they’re prone to splintering and bending out of shape.

This means your road signs can easily become battered, bent or broken. Until your sign faces are no longer legible and have to be replaced.

A Greener Way

To combat these common failings, we searched for an alternative. As soon as we uncovered Enviroplate, it became clear it was more durable. After we got hands-on, we quickly saw it cut & drilled cleaner too. And our tests revealed excellent weather and chemical resistance.

Later on we found out more on it’s environmental credentials, which led to a rebrand. Not only is it made from 100% reground materials, but it’s also fully recyclable. So at the end of its longer life-cycle, your signs substrate can be repurposed & kept out of landfill.

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So Why is Enviroplate Better?

Strong & Flexible

Its clear to see Enviroplate outperforms both GRP Poly & Composite for both strength and flexibility. Which means your road signs last for longer.

Enviroplate Flexes

GRP Poly Breaks

Composite Bends

Clean Cut

It’s dense structure produces clean edges when cut, drilled or engraved. So you will not need brass eyelets for Quick-Fit holes.

Clean Cut

Swells & Splits

Frayed Edges

Switch to Enviroplate & Improve Your ESG Rating

Lower your road signs environmental impact and help meet your ESG Responsibilities.

Enviroplate Substrate - Logo

Enviroplate is the next stage in temporary traffic sign substrate evolution. For it’s more durable and will flex without breaking. And it’s cleaner to cut, producing edges which do not fray, split or swell. Which means it’s greener, lasts longer and most importantly is fully recyclable.