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Website Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how Tennants UK Ltd uses any personal information collected about you when you visit or use this site. In addition, view our website fair processing notice or terms & conditions pages.

The notice below sets out the ways we collect and processes your information when you use this website. And please note, we always comply with legislation in regards to data protection and online privacy.

Click the titles or the symbols on the sections below to reveal their details.

Our Secure Privacy Policy Notice

What information do we collect

When you browse this website your interactions are tracked anonymously by basic analytics. Which provides us with data on the number and actions of our website’s visitors. In addition, contact form submissions are checked to prevent spam and hacking attempts from bots. Check out Google’s Privacy Policy for more on their services and your information.

Visitors can use our contact forms to submit an inquiry on our services. We also use forms to perform customer satisfaction surveys to improve our customer services. These forms require you to provide some basic personal information so we can issue a reply or collate answers.

Visitors can also subscribe to our Company Newsletter via a sign-up form. This requires you provide an email address and indicate your consent, before the form can be submitted.

Security Processes
Unauthorised attempts to log-in to this website are recorded by security software which extracts data from the host server. Any IP Address acting maliciously is automatically blocked to prevent access or harm.

How we use the information

We use Google Analytics 4 to automatically track users of this website. So we can check our website is fast enough and see pageviews and visitor interactions. GA4 anonymises its data to prevent it containing personally identifiable information. And tracks events such as pageviews, internal links, downloads, form submissions and outbound clicks. This data is then stored by our analytics account for a maximum of 14 months.

Contact Forms
Our forms require the senders contact details so we can reply direct to them. And the forms are emailed by this website straight to our sales and customer service teams so they can reply. As a result, no personal data provided on a contact form is stored on this website. In addition, Recaptcha from Google protects us from automated injection attacks by checking visitor activity before a form is submitted.

Survey Forms
Our survey forms require the senders name so we can track customer responses. Survey results are stored on this website’s database and emailed to our customer service team. They are then used to create anonymous reports used to improve our customer services and products. Any personal information on a submission is automatically deleted from this website after 12 months.

The sign-up form for our Newsletter requires an email address & your consent to us using it. This data – the email address, is automatically added to and stored on our MailChimp audience. Users can unsubscribe and thus remove their data at any time, via a link on each email. Only directly employed and authorised staff can access our MailChimp account. MailChimp have a dedicated page on their legal policies, including their privacy policy and cookie statement.

Website Security
Security software monitors our website in order to keep it secure. To do this it crosschecks basic visitor data with rules and lists of known threats or patterns. It automatically provides us with firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses. It also provides us with anti-virus scanning and alerts us to attempted hacks or security breaches.

Website security

Website Security
This website is built upon WordPress running a professional theme, which from a security perspective is pretty secure. We do everything we can to ensure it stays secure, updating, maintaining and optimising the website on a regular basis. We use a firewall to provide additional security against unauthorised access, attacks and to provide a real time monitoring service with alerts. This site is run on a secure internal server protected by anti-virus and firewalls to prevent unauthorised access.

SSL Certificate
This website is further protected by us using an SSL certificate for this entire website. SSL stands for secure socket layer and it creates an encrypted connection between our site and your browser or device, you can tell it’s secure because the URL starts with https and shows a green bar or padlock. This is the same type of certification system used for online payments and banking services.

Data Breaches
We will report any unlawful data breach of this website to any and all relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.

Cookies and browsers

To track website usage and compile statistics on activity, we use Google Analytics 4. GA4 uses machine learning and first-party cookies to distinguish between users and sessions. The GA4 cookie is a text file containing a string of digits, including a timestamp and a random number. Because it’s anonymous and cannot used by other services, explicit consent isn’t required.

Block Cookies
You can set your browser or device not to accept cookies from the websites you visit. They will have instructions on how to delete and block cookies in its settings. You may find some websites may not function correctly as a result of cookies being blocked. As an alternative to blocking, you could use those settings to clear any cookies on browser closure.

IP Addresses
This website does not store or process your IP address by default, nor do we provide it to third parties. Our analytics anonymises this information, thus obscuring any personal data. Any submitted survey’s that contain IP data are anonymised after 1 month & deleted after 12.

Privacy policy changes

We keep this privacy notice under regular review and we will place any updates on this web page regularly.
This policy notice was last updated on 09 May 2023.

v1 created 01/8/2018 – First Version.
v2 created 15/4/2019 – Google reCAPTCHA 3 details added.
v3 created 21/6/2019 – Satisfaction Survey form details added.
v4 created 03/12/2019 – Newsletter & Fair Processing details added.
v5 created 09/05/2023 – Update for Google Analytics 4 & Cookies.

Contact Information

This website does not store or have access to any personal information of its visitors. If you have any further questions please use the contact details found below.

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