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Highway Equipment

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Do You Need Traffic Signs and Equipment or Sign Shop Supplies?

For years we’ve supplied the traffic management industry with highway equipment. Either by providing you with road signs and site equipment. Or helping you to make your own signs, with Oralite printers and reflective films. Click the boxes below and take a look at the services we offer.

Temporary Road Signs

Permanent Traffic Signs

Traffic Equipment

Sign Shop Supplies

Affordable Traffic Management Supplies

But with a quality you can see.

We’re experts in delivering solutions that are perfect for the highways industry. Proven to be reliable, we can supply products to whatever specification you choose. Or help you to set up and supply your own traffic sign production.

What Do You Need?

Our offering provides a range of products, proven to be fit for the highways. So you can tailor each order to fit your project needs and budget. Which means you source Traffic Signs & Equipment that keep everyone safe without breaking the bank.

For those after Sign Shop Supplies, we have a choice of Traffic Sign Printers & Oralite Reflective. To say nothing of additional equipment compatible with your chosen workflow. As a result, you benefit from proven compliance & reduced material costs.

Temporary Road Signs

We offer Temporary Road Signs in every class of material, alongside a choice of substrate. Which allows you to tailor your sign costs for each project. Furthermore we supply multiple display solutions, so you’re covered for all road speeds.

Permanent Traffic Signs

By making our Permanent Traffic Signs in-house, we can be competitive without cutting quality. And since we use Oralite Reflective, you can specify any grade you want. Not to mention benefit from its reliability and standards compliance.

Traffic Equipment

Because we partner with leading brands, we can supply Traffic Equipment to the tightest deadlines. In fact, you’ll find our range of equipment is compliant for road closures or highways works.

Sign Shop Supplies

If you make your own traffic signs, or want to, take a look at our Sign Shop Supplies page. As an Oralite distributor, we can help you source equipment and materials compatible with your workflow. Whether it’s based on printed or cut graphics.

Products Certified & Accepted for Highways

Trusted Manufacture & Supply

We always follow the best practices and procedures of the highways industry. To deliver this goal, we only supply products that meet relevant standards. Which, by showing that we comply, identifies us as being reliable suppliers. All our traffic signs are produced under ISO 9001 and exceed all the requirements of NHSS. Moreover, we UKCA mark every relevant item and operate under CPR approval. And we use Oralite Reflective from Orafol, a leader in traffic control materials and UKCA accredited.
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Likewise our traffic equipment range, which is sourced from leading manufacturers. Namely from brands that are trusted and well established right across the industry. So you can ensure all products we supply are certified & approved for highways use. As a result, our goods are proven to comply with all relevant regulations and laws. And are from suppliers that test and have information on the conformity they hold.

Specifications & Certifications

For details on the materials we use to make road signs take a look at our Reflective Solutions and Oralite Catalogue. To see our certificates or to find out more about our processes, view our Standards & Accreditations webpage.

Order Highway Equipment & Traffic Signs On Demand

Trust Tennants for site equipment that suits your budget and project needs. Whether you’re looking to cut costs on signs or source equipment from leading brands. Get in touch and find out how we can help you to achieve both and still save.




For pricing or information on our products or services, just drop us a line. Either call us on 0115 9738088 or email Otherwise fill in the quick contact form above with your enquiry details.