Traffic Equipment Fit For Any Works

Our traffic equipment is certified for highways use but still offers competitive pricing and a fast turnaround.

Traffic Equipment that is Highways Compliant & Cost Effective

When you source traffic equipment for your works, you expect it to comply with the regulations. After all, you want to protect your workforce and keep everyone safe during your project. In fact, this is why we only supply equipment from renowned and leading manufacturers.

That way, we ensure our range is both certified for highways use and cost effective. To achieve this we partner with leading brands, trusted and well established across the industry. And we purchase direct, so our supply is assured and your lead times are as short as possible.

Road Signs & Frames

Our Chapter 8 Signs covers all designs & sizes, a majority of which can be sent next day. Of course some bespoke variants do have slightly longer lead times. But all our temporary signs are created with durability and economy in mind.

To display your signs we offer a selection of frame solutions from standard metal to quick fit. Which includes durable plastic frames & posts with clips, toggles & drop-locks. Please note, all our lead times are dependant on stocking levels and order size.

Traffic Cones

We offer a choice of traffic cones to protect your works on normal and high-speed roads. In addition to the usual colours and sleeves, we also provide no-waiting and custom branding.

For busy roads, our heavy-duty two piece cones are ideal and comply with national standards. While the one piece cones are fitted with Class-1 sleeves and bases to prevent creeping.

Warning Lamps & Studs

Our high-quality Warning Lamps from Nissen, are really innovative and cost-effective. Especially when you consider their advanced features like automatic and sequential activation. Or their large LED lights and solar switches which save battery life for you during the day.

To compliment your lamps, we stock a range of Road Studs with 1 or 2 way prismatic reflectors. Not only do we provide a choice of 6 reflector colours, in line with highway regulations. But each one comes with a hot-melt pad, to help you with quick deployment.

Pedestrian Barriers

The Pedestrian Barriers we sell, are among the favourite brands used throughout the UK. After all, you know how vital they are to daily on-site safety. Since ours are leading models, you’re assured they’re easy to set up and transport to site.

All our barriers are visible in low light and have strips to reflect light back in the dark. And we offer a selection of unit lengths, inter-connectivity options and even utility gates. So you can create safety fencing or on-site hoarding.

Traffic Separators

Just like barriers, Traffic Separators are a great way to section off your work area. As a result of being plastic, they’re lightweight and you don’t have to worry about rust. To aid stability and avoid movement, each unit can be filled with water or sand.

Once again, this range comes with simple connectivity so you can go up kerbs or make bends. Many of our models feature fork lift slots for easy positioning once on site. And just like your traffic cones and barriers, you can stack them together to transport.

Ramps and Trench Covers

To maintain accessibility across your work sites you’ll need good ramps, covers and plates. Our product range complies to all appropriate standards and codes of practice. With models that are free-standing or fixed and a selection of sizes or load bearing. So you can find items that meet all your on-site requirements.

Traffic Bollards & Posts

As you know reflective bollards and posts are a cost-effective solution for traffic control. Not only are our posts adaptable, but you will find them lightweight and easy to install.

Where as our range of traffic bollards offer a choice of fixings to suit any location. Since we offer standard bases, fittings for cats eye sockets & glue pads. So you can select models to match your project, including deformable models for additional safety.

Sign Frames & Safety Equipment

Alongside the established industry brands and products, we also offer a range of innovative items. Which either offer you straight forward cost-savings or make project deployment easier & faster. For details of these product lines, take a look at the PDF Flyers below or get in touch.

Endura Sign Frames
Plastic Q-Frames
Firmus Pedestrian Barriers
Evo Barrier System
Site Wall Barrier System
GB2 Heavy Duty Barrier
RB2000 Heavy Duty Barrier
RB22 Heavy Duty Crash Barrier
QUICK Lock Post System - Coming Soon for Street Works

Source Traffic Equipment that is Proven & Competitively Priced

No matter how big your project, our traffic equipment is both affordable and suitable for the highways. All thanks to our supply partners, which keep our prices low and lead times practical. Get in touch now for a quote that’s realistic for your budget.




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