Must be something in the water here at Tennants UK, but we’re in the midst of a bit of a population surge this year and having a real Baby Boom.

Tennants are having a Baby Boom

We're having a Baby Boom at the moment

New arrivals have made their purple faced appearance in the homes of Lyndsey, Leanne and Emily in recent months (don’t worry ladies, we’ll all cover your workload whilst you’re on maternity leave), as well as Julia and Fran becoming grandmothers.

These little bundles of expense (erm, we mean joy) have all visited the office, prompting coos and aahs from our female employees. And nervous smiles from some of the men, praying that having them thrust into their unenthusiastic arms doesn’t prompt a bout of shrill displeasure.

We’d like to offer our best wishes to the new mothers (and grandmothers), and feel it would be mean-spirited to point out that none of the visiting infants made any effort to pick up a phone during their visit. And we don’t want to be accused of starting a conspiracy by noting that none of our male employees seem to be producing offspring.