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You can trust Tennants to bring clarity to the current media confusion on identifiers with our easy to understand number plate side badge range.

Are We GB or the UK?

Recent newspaper articles have highlighted concerns about the Government changing our identifier from GB to UK. If you read the article, you’ll see even the AA have weighed in as a number plate supplier. And this news has promoted much misinterpretation of the rules on number plates.

Because up to this point, your GB and Union Flag side badges permitted sticker free driving in the EU. But from 28th Sept that is no longer the case. If you have a GB plate, you’ll now need a UK Sticker. Of course no sticker is needed if you’re fitted with one of the Overseas number plates.

Number Plate Badges & Stickers

So there’s no need to worry; Tennants have got you covered. As recently introduced to our customers, our triple category side badge range will accommodate all requirements. And it includes several UK variants:

  1. National Flags: Country Identifier & Flag on Blue Background
  2. ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles): Country Identifier & Flag on Green Background
  3. Foreign Travel: UK Identifier with Union Flag

What About Stickers?

To be clear, our National Flags and Green ZEV range is fully legal for UK roads. But you would still need a separate sticker when driving abroad. Whereas the Foreign/Overseas Travel range allows you to drive in Europe without a sticker. And for your customers with older plates, well we also do Oval UK Stickers.

Got it? Phew. As ever, we’ll keep you updated.

Note: The Overseas Badge became legal on the 28th September 2021.