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This is a reminder that the overseas travel friendly side badges become legal today – just don’t forget to drive on the right!

So, another week and another red letter day in the Number Plate industry. Today heralds the official introduction of the Overseas Range of side badges for legal number plates. Which allow travel in Europe without the necessity for a separate UK Oval Sticker.

Plate up your car featuring a badge from the options shown below, and you’re covered for taking your family on an exciting European road trip. The green backed versions are exclusively for Zero Emission Vehicles.

And don’t worry if your number plate doesn’t have one of these badges. Or even if it has a different type of side badge. Because all you have to do to drive overseas is display a separate UK sticker, also available from Tennants and our network of plate suppliers.

And let’s face it; once you’re on foreign soil, you’ll have a much better chance of getting petrol!