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If you are driving around Europe this Summer, check your number plates have legal Foreign Travel Badges.

Ensure Your Number Plates have Foreign Travel Badges

As summer and the holiday season approaches, it’s time for those long-awaited road-trips to continental Europe. And if you’re taking your own car, here’s a tip to ensure your journey is trouble free. Namely, ensure your number plates have UK Foreign Travel Badges, also known as Travel Friendly badges.

This badge is specifically designed to benefit British drivers heading across to Europe. For it eliminates the need for the traditional white Oval UK Sticker. Which makes compliance with one the European Travel Regulations a breeze.

Note: You need a rear UK Sticker if you have a Euro Stars, GB, ENG, SCO or Wales flag on your number plates. Or have plain number plates without any flags. And regardless of your number plate, you’ll need a UK Sticker if you’re driving in Spain, Cyprus or Malta.