More BSAU145e News

Stop the Press, we’re delivering the latest news regarding BSAU145e, read below about the latest implementation delay.

BSAU145e Is Coming

There’s been much talk about the new version of BSAU145 recently and as you know, we’ve been advising and helping you to prepare for the implementation of the new standard with a view to it becoming a legal requirement early next year – read more.

However, the DVLA have not been able to finalise the content of the Statutory Instrument in time for the parliamentary slot scheduled for this autumn. As such, 145e will not be able to be brought into legislation until further notice. Therefore until you hear otherwise, the plates you make must continue to meet the 145d specification.

So Keep Calm and Carry On for now – and we will keep you informed of all future developments on BSAU145e.

Here’s the BNMA Statement on the BSAU145e Delay – PDF