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While the fight goes on, Tennants & Staff have collected goods worth over £1000 in support of the Ukraine Appeal.

Ukraine Appeal - The Fight Goes On

It’s no fun when prices at the till and the pumps are rising so dramatically. Which you know is taking up much of the headlines at present. But in the meantime, the war in Ukraine rages on. And the displaced population is suffering to an extent, the majority of us in the UK are thankfully unaware.

So we decided to help in what little way we can. And this week Tennants donated clothes, food, toiletries, medical and baby care items worth in excess of £1000. We would stress to all our colleagues and friends in the highways and automotive world to do their bit. In demonstrating to the Ukrainian people that their ongoing plight hasn’t been forgotten.

DEC UKUkraine Humanitarian Appeal
UNICEF UKSupport Ukraine’s Children