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Our pedal pusher Ian has only gone and done it, reaching his target & crossing the line without falling off even once.

Ian Edwards has gone & completed his 320 Cycled Miles in May to raise £550 (so far) in support of Prostate Cancer relief.

We’re not sure how, but Ian has managed to find time in addition to performing his account management role for Tennants to put roughly the equivalent of 4500 football pitches, 10,000 Olympic size swimming pools or 21 million pound coins trailing in his impressive wake during May. We think he’s happy with this considerable achievement. Although he doesn’t look as cheerful or self-satisfied as the actors they employ for those Peloton exercise bike adverts.

Well done mate, time to take it easy and relax with a few armchair beers. Or a strategically placed ice-pack and a couple of dozen tubes of Sudocrem. And please remember, you can still donate after the event to take that total even higher.