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Number Plate Systems

complete Number Plate Solutions

Our number plate systems are designed to give suppliers everything they need to produce British Standard plates. Each system offers a choice on media type and includes our software suite with a specialist number plate printer, using either LED or Thermal printing. Designed to produce road legal plates our LED printers have a software upgrade available LG Signs, which changes them into our combined legal, show-room, custom plates and signs solution.

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LED Solutions

LED or laser printing presents suppliers with the largest range of customisable options. Dependent on the entry point, these systems produce plates with coloured side badge, coach-line and supplier logo. And they make plates for over a hundred different number plate sizes. Our LED solutions are designed to match the requirements of large motor factors and independent traders.

Pro Number Plate Systems

Any Size, Any Colour, Any Media

Our Pro Series are a LED solution that produces large volumes of high quality number plates using any colour, including white.

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Trade Number Plate Systems

All Sizes with Colour Options

The Trade Series produces BSAU145d number plates with all the features the automotive industry expects and demands


Thermal Solutions

Thermal printing offers suppliers a simple but robust solution to number plate production. Featuring printers that print directly onto reflective using just black, this series produces extremely quick number plates. Printer limitations mean these systems can only make one size of plate, so they’re limited to road legal oblong plates only.

Number plate made on our Premier Number Plate Systems

Premier Number Plate Systems

Fast, High Volume Solution

A specialist solution, the Premier series features dual thermal printers to deliver high volumes of oblong number plates

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Budget Number Plate Printing

Mono, Oblong Number Plates

The budget series uses a thermal printer to provide a simple method of making oblong number plates


4 Number Plate Systems

Over A Hundred Different Number Plate Sizes

Each of our number plate systems offers a different level of capability to suit a supplier type. Our thermal series makes simple oblong plates, using black only with no frills. And our flagship solution, boasts full colour LED printing onto film and uses every plate size we support, which is over a hundred different sizes. Each system comes with a specialist printer modified for number plate media and our software suite that provides automatic layout compliancy and features an entitlement recording solution in one package.

LED Printing

Trade and Pro Systems

LED printing allows suppliers to use the full range of our media, which means over a hundred different sizes. The printers toner array with our settings permits suppliers to print colour side-badges and allows coach-lines and logo’s that match suppliers branding colours.

The Trade Series, our solution for the standard automotive supplier, offers a choice of media system. The Pro Series boasts all the plate sizes, high volume production and full colour including white.

LED Number Plate Printing

Our LED printers make number plates by printing directly onto film sheets which are then combined with a rigid reflective backing plate. This matched pairing is our film media system, which is tested when combined is BSAU145d compliant.

For our printers settings to work and for BS compliancy we require a predictable toner mix only provided by original, genuine consumables.

Thermal Printing

Budget and Premier Systems

Thermal printing is a reliable old school method of making number plates. Typically a thermal label printer is used to print directly onto reflective sheets. This technology was quite ” Hit & Miss ” and it was common for suppliers to have to touch up a print with a permanent marker.

We have taken large steps in improving the dependability of this technology. Our Budget and Premier printers provide coverage along the entire length of a plate due to their specialist settings.

Thermal Number Plate Printing

Our thermal printers make number plates by printing directly onto reflective which is then combined with a clear acrylic face. This matched pairing is our reflective media system which has been tested and is accredited with British Standard compliancy.

We have also done extensive testing with printer ribbons before settling on a brand we find gives high quality and repeatable good results.

BSAU145d Number Plates

BSAU145d Number Plates


Keeping to our software instructions should ensure plates designed using it are road legal. Using only genuine toners or approved ribbons in the printers to keep them operating as required. And use our matched media systems, they are tested for reflectivity, durability and longevity and meet the British Standard.

Also Available

LG Software

LG software offers an automatic and user friendly solution to number plate design and production.


Number Plate Blanks

Our plate media comes in all the shapes and all sizes needed to make plates for any vehicle.

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