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Number Plate Systems

complete Production Solutions

Our number plate systems have everything needed to make number plates, they offer solutions with user-friendly features that streamline production. They provide tiered entry points, aimed at specific supplier types and delivering different levels of flexibility and capability. We divide them into their printing technology, so clients can choose between our colour LED or mono Thermal solutions. Each system includes a specialist number plate printer and our software suite. All systems offer some type of supplier branding capability, from pre-printed blank media to colour lipped number plates.

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LED Solutions

These LED or laser printing, number plate systems are the most flexible of all our solutions. They can use our entire range of our plate media sizes, which adds up to over a hundred different sizes including shaped. By printing onto film they also offer the chance to inject colour into designs, so suppliers can produce plates that carry their brand. And they support our signs software, which means when upgraded they can make vehicle signs, classic and custom number plates along with road legal.

Pro Number Plate Systems

Any Colour or Size, on Any Media

The Pro Series produces large volumes of high definition number plates in any size, using colour on film or reflective.

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Trade Number Plate Systems

Make Number Plates for Any Vehicle

The Trade series uses modern LED printers to produce number plates for any vehicle and offers color branding opportunities.


Thermal Solutions

Thermal printing means we can offer suppliers number plate systems that are a reliable and robust solution to production. Printer limitations mean they only make a single sized plate and only print using black. But this results in very fast print speeds which enable them to be turned into high volume machines. And printing in one colour means they only have a single ribbon, which makes replacing consumables quick and simple.

Premier Number Plate Systems

For Paired, High Speed Production

A specialist solution, the Premier series harnesses thermal technology to deliver high speed, paired number plates.


Prime Number Plate Systems

Simple & Reliable Production

The Prime series makes quick and simple oblong number plates using durable thermal printing technology.


LED or Thermal ?

Use this quick reference guide below to quickly identify which technology or solution best meets your needs, each number plate system is listed below with their features and capability. To summarize, LED systems offer larger volumes and colour printing, with Thermal systems providing quicker speeds and a more durable operation. It should also be noted that Thermal systems only make oblong plates but LED systems can make every number plate size and shape.

Compare our Systems and find the best fit

Operating Conditions

LED printers are precision machines that require certain environmental conditions are met for the best production results. Both printers and blank media will need placing in a location free from excessive dust or grease and kept away from condensation. Place the printer on a flat, static free surface in a room with a temperature between 10 - 30 °C and a maximum relative humidity of 60% when printing onto film. Thermal printers are more robust machines that operate in a wider range of conditions.

Ensuring adequate clearance around the device for it to be fully opened up should provide enough space for ventilation. They typically use 670W when in normal use so a standard 240VAC mains supply should be sufficient. Operating in conditions out side of these ranges will effect print quality and finish. Please check manufacturer documentation for more exact figures or contact our technical department for assistance.

Also Available

LG Software

LG software offers an automatic and user friendly solution to number plate design and production.


Number Plate Blanks

Our plate media comes in all the shapes and all sizes needed to make plates for any vehicle.

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