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Easy to Apply Truck and Trailer Tape

We supply Oralite Truck and Trailer Tape from Orafol, the worlds leading manufacturer of ECE104 Conspicuity Tape.

UK Approved and Ready To Roll

Oralite VC104+ Prismatic Tape is approved for use on trucks and trailers in the UK and throughout Europe. After all, Orafol have been setting the standard for HGV visibility since the early 1990s. And this range is proven to comply with the mandatory regulation ECE 104 Class C.

For once it’s fitted as per regulations, the edges of each marked vehicle will be visible at a glance. Especially since this is retroreflective prismatic tape, so more light is sent back to road users. Thus improving road-safety and lowering the risk of unintended collisions or accidents. Notably there’s a choice of tape, with rigid, flexible curtain and round tanker surfaces all covered.

Stand Out Performance

Not only is VC104 tape tough, weather resistant and visible from up to 1000 metres away. But it’s also easy to apply, thanks to a quality adhesive. The Imagine EVO variant even allows you to use a company logo on the tape. And while no edge-sealing is needed, it’s still resistant to power washing. So if you’re looking for quality ECE104 tapes to add to your range, look no further.

Tapes & Options

For the options on each version, check out our Cards & Specification Table below. Each reflective marking tape is listed with its specification, colours and sizes. Choose which tapes you want to order, before you get in touch for pricing details.

VC104+ Rigid Grade Tape

Oralite VC 104+ Rigid Grade is the ideal reflective marking tape for solid surfaces. It comes in either continuous or segmented 50m rolls and both provide you with a 10-year life time. While its polyester construction ensures high-stability and flexes to fit the vehicle without cracking.

VC104+ Flex Grade Tape

Oralite VC 104+ Flex Grade is designed for use on trailer curtains and tarpaulins. Thanks to its vinyl film, it flexes and stretches with the surface. So you get less cracking and lifted corners, resulting in a 3 year life-cycle. Flex grade tape also comes in continuous or segmented 50m rolls.

VC104+ Tanker Stickers

Made for the circular ends of tankers, Oralite VC104+ Tanker Stickers come pre-cut on a roll. As a result of its polyester material, it will flex to fit the tanker surface without cracking. And to help you fit them, each sticker is cut into tablets with rounded corners.

VC104+ Imagine EVO Tape

Finally there’s the Oralite VC104+ Imagine Evo, a custom marking tape. Where the tape is printed with an integrated mono or colour logo of your choice. But because it’s made to order, minimum order quantities do apply.

Spec Cards: Oralite ECE104 Reflective Tapes

Scroll/Swipe to view:  Orafol Website | VC104+ Reflective Tape Spec-Sheet

Specification Table: Self-Adhesive VC104+ Tapes

Scroll/Swipe Table to view: Download Vehicle Conspicuity Table PDF

ECE 104 Compliant Truck and Trailer Tape from Oralite

We provide all Oralities’ ECE104 self-adhesive Truck and Trailer Tape. Including rigid, segmented & continuous tapes in white, yellow & red. So we can ship to dealerships, haulers & suppliers throughout mainland UK within just a few days.




For detailed information try our spec-cards or Orafol website. Otherwise call us on 0115 9738087 or email Or fill in the quick form above with your name & enquiry details.

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