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Truck and Trailer Tape

VC104+ Truck and Trailer Tape from Orafol, the world leader in ECE104 tapes.

UK Approved and Ready To Roll

Oralite VC104+ Truck and Trailer Tape is approved for use in the UK and throughout all Europe. After all, Orafol have been setting the standard for HGV visibility since the early 1990s. And this range is proven to comply with the mandatory regulation ECE 104 Class C. You will find there are tapes for rigid, flexible and curved surfaces. Including a high-quality self-adhesive, that’s resistant to power-washing.

As well as key convertors, we also supply direct to dealerships & haulers. To find out about a specific tape, use the Index Links. Or click the button below to download our Vehicle Conspicuity Matrix.

Vehicle Conspicuity - Matrix

Stand Out Performance

This Truck and Trailer Tape is tough, weather-proof and visible from up to 1000 metres away. Moreover it’s easy to apply, thanks to a contact adhesive that bonds to surfaces and resists lifting & peeling. And while no edge-sealing is needed when cut, it’s still resistant to standard cleaning processes.

Available in white, yellow and red, either in continuous and segmented rolls or as tablet stickers. With Imagine Evo providing branding options, by allowing you to include a company logo on certain tapes.

Rigid Grade for Solid Surfaces
Flex Grade for Curtains & Tarps
Tanker Stickers for Curved Ends
Imagine Evo for Custom Branding

ECE104 Compliant Truck and Trailer Tape

Once it’s fitted as per regulations, the edges of your vehicles will be visible at a glance. Especially since this is retroreflective prismatic tape, so more light is sent back to road users. Thus improving road-safety and lowering the risk of unintended collisions or accidents. And with tapes optimised for each type of surface, its high-performance will last for years.

If you want to add these tapes to your range of materials or are interested in trading, get in touch. Simply use our contact points on the main Reflective Solutions webpage.