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I’ll have a green Christmas, without fuel – mis-quoting the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll may cause controversy in some quarters. But the timing and thus the opportunity for a truly awful pun proved simply too delicious for our less than mature sense of humour here at Tennants.

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Dont be Blue like Elvis this Xmas - go Green instead with new ZEV Number Plates.

Government legislation for green plates on ZEVs is likely to be passed in November, with the scheme becoming law in late December. We also have a few more details about the design and colour. So you’ll be production ready as soon as we get the GREEN LIGHT, I think we’ve made that joke before. Sorry.

  • Flash Colour (BG): Pantone 7481c, RGB 0 183 79 or #00B74F
  • Size: Between 40 to 50mm.
  • Reflectivity: Retroreflective.
  • For: ZEV – Zero Emission Vehicles Only.
  • Flags: National Flags & Identifiers are Permitted.

More precise details will be available soon, keep checking back or try the BNMA website. Or the Government websites for Statutory Instrument information.