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We say the green shoots of recovery can only be helped by the extra prestige from zero-emission plates.

Since first announcing the green number plate initiative for electric vehicles way back in November 2019. We’re been waiting for the ‘Green Light’ (pun intended, but please yourselves) from the DVLA. And now the launch date is expected later this year.

Green Shoots of Recovery Helped by Zero-Emission Green Number Plates

At the present time, we believe green plates will be for zero-emission electric vehicles only. Which doesn’t include the more numerous hybrid models. And as we have already reported, the indictor will be a green side badge. Yet we do understand it will still be permitted to feature National Flags. But this is yet to be confirmed. Finally, the registration will remain unaffected and may still feature borders, True 3D plastic digits etc.

Once the scheme has been launched, all new zero-emission cars will have the plates fitted as standard. Although customers may opt out. And they can be retro-fitted to any current electric vehicles that qualifies, on presentation of the V5C Document.

Download: Our Green Mile Flyer

Tennants will be providing a range of requisite components, pre-printed media if necessary. Or supplying a Made Up Plates service for them – whichever is most suitable for your business. Follow us on Social Media or check our website news blog for further updates. Alternatively, refer to and the BNMA for further information.