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Keep Your Cool Runnings in the Summer Holiday Heat

Channel the film Cool Runnings when sat in roadworks this summer holidays and just relax. The road works may not get you there quicker, but they will make your journey safer.

It’s a scene we’re all too familiar with: miles of cars crawling down the motorway, bumper to bumper with mere inches between each expanse of glinting chrome. Bored kids whining in the back seats, boot and roof rack dangerously overloaded with luggage, engines over-heating everywhere you look … Hold on, sorry; that was the Seventies.

Cars are air conditioned now. And have body coloured bumpers. The kids are being entertained by headrest DVD and Gaming units and no one uses roof racks these days. What happened to the humble roof rack? Those alien pod things have taken over, we suppose.

Anyway; the principle’s the same; Roadworks in Summer: Bad.

You may not get there quicker, but we can sure help make the journey safer.
Tennants Highway Equipment – Visibly Better.