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Dont Stop Moving, can you feel the music...

Dont Stop Moving

Just like the title of the S Club 7 dance-floor classic Dont Stop Moving, …

Don’t stop moving – Can you feel the music – DJ’s got us goin’ around…
Admit it – you’re humming it right now – aren’t you?
S Club 7Don’t Stop Moving (2001)

… we don’t like to stay still and continue to improve and move forward.

In-house testing of our number plates in regard to the new British Standard (145e) is progressing nicely. And the results are looking really good so far. Furthermore, our first BSAU145e and GDPR compliant software will be available in August 2018. Which is just six months after the previous update of our patented plates software.

And just like other updates, this will include even more new features to help make our your supply easier. And ensure you still remain compliant with the regulations.