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If your Signs are Heat Damaged, Why Not Strip Off and Reface Them

At Tennants UK we find it is always a relief during the short British summer to lose a few layers and Strip Off. And if the summer sun has damaged your signs, we can help you replace them with compliant faces. But we’ll leave the stripping them down to you, it’s too hot.

With long exposure to the highways industry, our Highway Equipment team can provide your replacement faces. Regardless of whether you need gantry signage or road work plates, we’ve got your back or front. And if you make your own signs, might we suggest you try our Orafol Reflective.

Thanks to our our position as Oralite Master Distributor, we offer a full range of sign materials. Which includes a fully accredited range of permanent films from RA1 up to R3C. Or work zone materials, perfect for your temporary road sign faces. And there’s a fully compatible range of graphic films and protective overlays.

And it’s not just signs and media, we also distribute vehicle tapes and chevron kits as well. Alongside visibility solutions for your site safety equipment.

Phew – What A Relief

Contact our Reflective Solutions sales team to find out more or request a quotation: